The Lengths People Go To to Collect Beer Mats!

Proof That Some Beer Mat Collectors Have No Shame

Don’t pester hard-working breweries with requests for beer mats and other branded beer paraphernalia – instead look at what there is to buy. Why are we making this request? Well, we happen to have spoken to a number of UK Breweries today and it was mentioned… several times.

One Master Brewer had worked for a different brewery in the past and, while there, was inundated with requests for beer mats and “used pump clips”. He told us about the lengths some of these people went to, to add to their collections, and said they were sometimes “appalling”.

A particular case stood out in his memory. The request for a beer mat was delivered by email:

To: email address withheld
Subject: The Last Wishes of My Dying Father

Dear Brewery name withheld,

I love my Daddy but he will soon die of cancer. Therefore, this is a very, very, very, very sad time for my family and me. We remember what Daddy was like just a few years ago, sipping your real ale in our cellar-bar at the family home. Oh, for happier days!

Daddy has only six short months left with us. With this in mind we would like you to send us a branded beer mat to show Daddy while he is on his death-bed. Daddy’s smiles are very precious to us but fewer as the Grim Reaper approaches but we know that the sight of your logo’s brand would make our Daddy smile.

Please, I beg you
Yours in complete sincerity

Peter Snovell-Bliar (not his real name)
On behalf of my six siblings and Daddy’s 36 grandchildren, 120 great-grandchildren, my, soon to be widowed, Mother and me

This, of course was an absolute porky-pie (lie). The sender gave his address as somewhere in North America and the Real Ale made at the Brewery had never been served outside the M25 corridor!

We got the idea – during our conversations with Micro Breweries today - that they’d like to ask these collectors (many of whom don’t appreciate or even sample the excellent range of real ales they brew) to stop pestering them. As they seemed such a polite lot – we thought we’d do it for them, so:

  • Please Stop Pestering Micro and Pub Breweries to send you one or more of their beer mats!

Still Craving Brewery Branded Memorabilia and Related Paraphernalia?

If you still feel you need to own a copy of every beer mat ever produced – we feel you should get out more. Why not frequent a real-ale pub yourself, in person? You might be able to get hold of what your heart really desires there. Another solution might be to pay for them! There are many collectors who sell online...

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IAN CALVERT 7 years ago

I came across this site whilst searching for information on micro breweries. I am a "Tegestologist" - yes i collect beer mats. I have been collecting for 33 years and currently have around 24,000 UK brewery mats dating as far back as 1928.

I totally sympathise with your comments and understand that brewers are running a business and many do not have the time (or interest) to deal with individual requests for POS material from collectors.

I am a member of the British Beer Mat Collectors Society where we try to have a nominated single point of contact who tries to obtain a supply of mats on behalf of the Society. These mats are then distributed throughout the country to local area meetings or advertised in the society shop in the monthly newslettter.

The idea behind this is that the brewery does not inundated with many requests instead they receive one enquiry and more often that not we are willing to pay for a supply (circa 2 packets of 100 or so).

This helps both the brewery and the collector. Furthermore we can offer advise on information about printers, samples, joint ventures etc. Whilst we charge our members for these mats we are a non profit organisation and simply look to recover our costs. Often breweries only produce limited small quantity and therefore when a collector hears of this news we encourage the members to pass this information so we can negotiate a supply.

Could i please ask brewers to consider this scheme if they are planning to print mats as we can add our request to your order which may result in reducing your costs.

For more information please contact me through my website

I have an excellent micro brewery gallery on my website containing examples from pioneering breweries such as Bruce's, Ringwood, Penrhos etc.

I hope this offers you credible solution.



Author of book "A Guide to Collecting Beer Mats" (available through my site)

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