The Lines You Blurred


Our lives are so much more than who we are
The lines we draw are always tied to the hands that drew them
The direction and the depth is yours and yours alone
But what is blurred is drowning in the tears you need to control him

Do you have to read the same book every day
Are you afraid what was written cannot be planted in your heart?
Sometimes it can never be explained to you
If you have to ask then that’s why you must spend some time apart

You want something so bad your fingernails bleed
But the scars on his back will wait for you to open them again
Walking alone does not mean alone forever
Unless you let the sand that blows cover his mind with pain

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JanikaLeeReyes 20 months ago

this was really simple, and so beautiful. Did you write this for your daughter?

Its been a while!

glad I found you!

how have you been?!

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 20 months ago from Austin, Texas Author

Hi Nika!

Yes it has been awhile! I noticed you had dropped off of Facebook so I was wondering if anything had happened. Some folks just get tired of it I guess. I'm still there posting poems almost daily.

It's not about my daughter. I wrote this thing a while back and like with so many things I write it was just something in my head that day and now I have to think about it. Ha... I appreciate you saying nice things about what I write. Flattery works every time! I hope you are doing ok.

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