The Lingo Of Loneliness Revisited.


The lingo of loneliness revisited.




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I have seen that look before
reflected in the shattered pieces
of yesterday's smiles
your eyes were filled with a darkness
anger I could no longer deny
I deny my fear, your fears I deny
you made my bed
years ago with love
..incredible love
but now alone I lie
an eternal love??
or so we thought
lasting through seasons of
growth and drought
now all fallen down around me
your scent still lingering
deeply rooted in
the dungeons of my mind
now my left hand
and not the hand that's left
is my best friend
in times of need
chaining me endlessly
connecting me miserably
to a past that is now
someone else's present
broken hearts, chart
dreams and sadness
I would give up
all of my tomorrows
just to touch you again
deep in your soul
cause you were the only one
who felt me completely
but now I am helpless
to change this unassisted
I listen but remain..unconnected
I talk to myself now
and get hollow answers
still I think...hope..that maybe
your spirit is still listening
but lost as I am
hope only lessens, lessons
as I breathe without you
your memories fill my emptiness
the present is there
just invisible
now that my joy has been taken away
the void seems incurable
regrets hold no healing

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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 6 years ago

This is very real, touching. I know the feelings. I cried for awhile last night, I'm sure no one knew the reason why, only speculated.

It hurts to quit but sometimes it's the only way.

Great write..really felt this one.

seasoning 6 years ago

lovely i am a big fan of your work, and will be always

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