The Lonely Road- A Poem


The Lonely Road

full of waiting and anticipating.

Finding dead ends unfold.

Hearing talk greatness of untold.

Waking to madness and destruction,

Revealing anger and depression.

Seeking one way out

and always failing.

Finding only patience and

endurance are ways of prevailing.

Allowing hurt to seep out and promises seep in.

Giving a life of abundance a time to begin.

By KySmith

I wrote this poem over the summer at a time where I was feeling helpless and depressed. When I first started writing it, I felt a negative energy all around me and I didn't expect it to leave. I was just kind of, preparing myself for the worst. Once I got to the end of my poem, it took an unexpected turn towards a positive outlook. I was becoming hopeful again, that my current situation would change.

When I wrote, "The Lonely Road", I felt alone. I felt like no one understood what I was going through and that my situation wouldn't change. I had to force myself to stop thinking negatively because first of all, it wouldn't help and second of all, I had to believe that I wouldn't be in this position forever. I had to believe that better times were coming. I think this is where the positive outlook at the end of the poem came from.

Writing, sometimes helps me think more rationally instead of negatively. As you can see from the poem above, sometimes I have an initial reason for writing something down but as I continue writing the direction changes.

I believe God talks to me and through me when I write. This is only when I let myself go and stop thinking so hard. Sometimes I have to put what I wrote down for a day or so and come back to it to see hidden things I didn't notice while I was writing.

I wrote this poem a few months ago, and after reading it to day, I saw things that I didn't realize I wrote. At the time I was writing because I was angry. Like I said before, I didn't think the situation would get any better unless I ran away from it. But after reading my poem again I realize that I wrote, "Seeking one way out and always failing. Finding only patience and endurance are ways of prevailing". This means I need to stop running away and be patient, things will get better.

After writing this poem, I realize I always try to run away from my problems or things that I find to be difficult. I am now learning how to be strong and endure because that is the only way I can prevail.

I hope this made sense. Sometimes it's hard for my to try to explain my thoughts.Thanks for reading! =)

God Bless,


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chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA

Very nice! Thanks for sharing. I voted up!

KySmith profile image

KySmith 5 years ago from Milwaukee Author

Thank you! =)

Shanaaya profile image

Shanaaya 5 years ago from Mauritius

awesome !! from start to end :) like it..

KySmith profile image

KySmith 5 years ago from Milwaukee Author

Thank you Shanaaya! I really appreciate it!

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 5 years ago from Minnesota

Ky-I totally understand what you were saying. I think it's wonderful that your poetry can help you with life's ups and downs and you can learn from it. You realized that you tend to run away from issues that arise in your life and you got an answer from your own soul and God. Thanks for the inspiration today :-)

KySmith profile image

KySmith 5 years ago from Milwaukee Author

Thanks @minnetonka twin! I really apprieciate your comment. I'm glad I was able to give inspiration. :)

Richawriter profile image

Richawriter 4 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

Hello, Kysmith!

Very nice poem. I got the message straight away as I often used to write these types of poems while I was feeling down and going through rough times. Sometimes, like yours, my poems would take a turn for the better but other times they would be downright negative!

It's great that your poems give you answers to your problems, when you come back to them afterwards. It means you are becoming more in tune with yourself, the inner you. You are beginning to understand you a little more, or at least you were when you wrote this. Perhaps now you are even more aware of who ou are and have changed previous habits.

Do you still run away? Or have you since stopped that habit. I still run away from problems too, but like you, I know I'm doing it. Not so much now though. Looking back, I was running away for the short-term solace afforded me by my escape, not realising I was causing long-term unhappiness and self-pity. No more running now though. I'm done with that!

Well, Kysmith. Thanks for this nice read.

Have a great day! :) peace.

KySmith profile image

KySmith 4 years ago from Milwaukee Author

@richawriter thank you so much for the nice comment! =)

bhargvi sharma profile image

bhargvi sharma 4 years ago from jammu ( India)

Nyc one... keep it up... :)

KySmith profile image

KySmith 4 years ago from Milwaukee Author

Thank you! =)

Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

Very good; makes me long to get back into poetry. ^

Keischa 2 years ago

You're a real deep thkiner. Thanks for sharing.

Jaycee 2 years ago

That hits the target dead cernte! Great answer!

Artie 2 years ago

At last! Someone with real exiprtese gives us the answer. Thanks!

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