The Look


By: Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

I see the Look

Hidden deep in Your eyes.

That maddening Look

Of a passionate prey.

The Look You get when

Push comes to shove

And the only thing to release

That pent up frustration

Is all You need from Me.

And I from You.

Tangled into one another,

Mangled sensations wrack

Our bodies, Our souls, Our spirits.

Transforming them into One for

One brief instance.

That moment of Pure,





A gift from Me to You,

And You to Me.

I see the Look You give me

When I see into those eyes

Filled with Incredible Lust

And Insensible Infatuation.

That Look that I crave

When I hear Your name.

When I see Your face.

All I want.

All I need.

All I fantasize about

Is You.

The Thrill,




Unplanned Lust

You bring to My doorstep.

Take me as Yours

And Yours alone.

Again this Gift of

Ravenous Lust

Is Yours for the taking.

I feel the Look You sear

Right into My mind.

I try to imagine Naught but You,

Although My attempts

Have failed indiscreetly.

You're seducing Look,

And malevolent ways,

And ultimate sense of need

Keeps me in the deepest realms

Of Insane.

Our not-so-subtle





Of sincere pleasure

Turns My world around.

And all this Lust and

Ravenous Hunger for

The Gift I give and recieve

Come from The Look

You give me.

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Tony DeLorger profile image

Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

Like it Phoenixx. Poety comes from a point of passion, the driving force of words gathered. I appreciate your intent and passion and look forward to reading more. And thanks for following me and my work. I hope you continue to enjoy my poetic offerings. Take care and welcome to HubPages. Tony x

Phoenixx profile image

Phoenixx 5 years ago from Roseburg, OR Author

Thank you, Tony. You are very correct. Poetry and other writing does come from a point of passion, whether it be lust or hate, vengeance or happiness, distress or depression. I have written poems based around every sort of passionate emotion. Thank you for your comment.

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