The Looming Battle - Chapter Two - An Epic Tale of Fantasy in Verse

The Looming Battle - Chapter Two

It has been eight days hence since our story began.
Adonell is healing quickly, be it mostly thanks to Lan.
This morning marks the first she can stand on her own.
He is off to hunt. They need to eat. She is left all alone.
Thinking back over the last few days, she is at herself enraged.
Lan has been wonderful, gallant, kind, quiet altogether engaged.
Constant focus on her welfare has left her pride somewhat sore.
His never-ending focus becoming more and more of a chore.
"Thinks he I am fragile and weak? What does he know?
Now that he's a hero and such, all he does is crow“.
He says, "I'll protect you, defend you, look out for you",
as if the entire demon flaming army he alone slew."
She walks to the stream still in quiet a state
and within herself she continues her debate.
One voice reminding her, "He did save you. It is true.
He has been gentle, attentive, and so very kind to you".
The other voice screams, "Yes, damn it all to hell,
I’m not a child. I can hold my own quiet well.
To be a damsel in distress is not my way.
Enough of this care taking, I will prove it today.
He needs to eat too and game is now rare.
The army did pick the surrounding land bare.
I could do it here and now, here with this very stream.
I could call the fish. If I can just remember the dream".
Since that first night since Lan saved her from harm,
the village women visited her dreams sounding alarm.
They were teaching her to help her attain
the power within, but also control to gain.
They spoke to her of innate power and great magic within,
teaching her swiftly and helping her discover where to begin.
They had planned to help her on the path when she was older,
when it would be safer. What lies within still grows as it smolders.
Two years more she was to wait.
She felt as if she were already late,
needing to know now, this very day
how to control what inside her lay.
The women were teaching her really as fast as they could.
It hurt so remembering the best teacher no longer would.
She had died in the battle that day to help the village live.
She had so bravely, nobly given all she ever had to give.
As Adonell thought of the old woman, her heart filled with such pain and sorrow.
The woman was her mother. The anniversary of her birth was to be on the morrow.
Mother was gone now, never to return. From her Adonell would no more learn.
She had learned small things already, such as speaking far and how to burn.
But she had little control and less still when not almost totally calm.
From the women she knew now she must chant. Sing like a psalm.
The weaving of elements she was just beginning to understand.
She did not know the test of which was now very close at hand.
Warned she had been not to dabble alone.
Firmly told thrice she was by every crone.
But, youth does not always hear in the night.
She has decided to do what she feels is right.
Meanwhile, in the wood, Lan crouched behind a thin, scrawny bush
watching a starved deer. He thought sadly, this all used to be so lush,
until that wretched army came and in one day desecrated
what was once worthy of being elated.
One lone arrow is all he has left.
He thanks God his shooting skills are adept,
but still he knows anything can go wrong
wanting the deer to move closer so he wont have to shoot long.
Just as he holds his breath and pulls back on his bow
the deer takes flight as if he did know.
Lan took the shot quickly you can bet
but alas the arrow misses and he starts to fret.
If it were just me I would not so worry
but Adonell must eat and I must hurry
back to her now to look over her and see
that nothing dangerous happens to she.
As he trudges back to their small camp
it begins to rain. He is now miserable and damp.
"Got to gather some roots, berries or such".
What the wood has left is not much.
Only three meager roots and a handful of berries does he find.
“Some provider am I” he stews his thoughts of himself being less than kind.
As he approaches ever more near the camp he has made
his steps become more and more delayed.
"What will she think? What will she say?
I do not want it to be this way.
I am the man. I should provide
from hunger I would forever Adonell hide".
“She is so frail, innocent and meek
hell, she was nearly dead just last week.
She must be sheltered and watched over evermore
who knows what dangers are in store“.
In this vein he continued on
until most of the path behind was gone.
He stopped just before arrival
his competence again assaulted w/ denial.
While the hero continues onwards to Adonell,
the girl, herself, is just beginning her spell.
She concentrates hard with all of her might
in her mind's eye she calls into sight
That which she wants, lots of big fish.
Into the ether sends forth her wish.
Water and air lightly she weaves
to carry her wish on the summer's breeze.
“Think the women said, concentrate really hard
envision girl, then chant, sing like a bard”.
Her voice rises ever higher in the wood
she sees evermore clearly, as she should.
Chanting "come to me water life, come one come all
come to me now, hear my call.
Come hence as fast as you can.
Come one come all and jump onto land"
Over and over she sends out her song.
Crone's warnings echo, but it does not feel wrong.
With power her skin begins to sing.
Her ears begin to ring
The waters begins to bubble and roll.
The creek banks are filling as if a bowl,
rising, rushing, speeding, churning
the fish begin to leap out as if burning.
Adonell steps back and giggles quiet altogether pleased.
She sees all the fish and is greatly relieved.
"Tonight we will feast and that young man will see
that I am every bit as capable as he".
She looks to the water and begins to wonder
“How do I place this spell asunder?
I have now more fish than we need
how to end that wish I decreed“.
Just as she is gathering her mind
trying to find a way to bind
the fish to the water where they belong
a way to end her recent song.
A fearsome noise from the water is heard.
Sweet liquid is grotesquely altered.
the water grows dark and thick,
the waves grow more rapid and quick.
A sheen of sweat breaks on her brow
as she realizes she has really done it now.
Something is coming, something evil and huge
something from which to run and take refuge.
In spite of fear she digs in her heels.
“This is my fault her conscious appeals.
“I have to stop what it is that I bade
before the land it does invade“.
In the wood, only a short distance away,
Lan still with his conscious is delayed.
He shuffles forward his mind berating
skills at his age he should still be awaiting.
Skills he believes to be the mark of a man, true
fighting, hunting, tracking, the ability to do...
that which is required at any given time
not realizing such skills accumulate over a lifetime.
Just as he is on the final leg of his approach
he is still lost amongst the anguish of self reproach.
So lost is he he does not hear
does not sense what is drawing near.
Upon the creek bank Adonell's eyes go wide in terror.
Rising from the raging waters is an utter and absolute horror.
Mottled grey oozing skin covers a creature so horrid
it looks as if to be dead and half rotted.
Over 17 feet it rises above the oily blackened creek.
Tentacles sprouting from its grotesque form are sleek.
From it's gaping giant maw putrid slime it leaks
as the fledgling witch with a focused relish it seeks.
The creature has no head per say.
It’s obvious he is hungry this day
as upon his chest a gaping jaw juts forward
jagged rows of curved in dingy teeth hungered.
He glides through the water as if a snake.
Three wide onyx eyes gleam dully opaque
scattered about the widening maw
which releases screeching loud and raw.
With a voice made of sickened twisted misery
it speaks "I am what you wished for" lustily.
"For wishes granted you must always pay the piper
and I have seldom seen a meal which is riper."
It was to the very edge of the creek's bank
So close she could smell it's breath all rotted and dank.
Adonell had gone aback without even knowing she traveled
she was scrambling to chant and weave without becoming unraveled.
Lan was slowly approaching the creek as he heard the beast.
He charged to protect Adonell lest she become a feast.
His eyes did not believe what it was that he saw
just as the beast above her extended its gaping maw.
With no thought at all to his own wellbeing
he lunged barehanded at the beast not seeing
a tentacle that was off to the right
that sideswiped him with an awesome might.
Lan went flying through the air
while the creature never broke its stare
upon Adonell as she rapidly wove earth and fire
knowing things had become more dire.
Lan crashed backward into a tree ten feet above the ground.
He crashed to the earth and could not move but was astounded
at what Adonell was now projecting from her small hands.
Fire was flying in molten hot shooting bands.
Seeing Lan fly into the tree
had released something in she.
Fear and rage at seeing him on the ground prone
awoke some ancient knowledge within blood and bone.
She had no idea what it was that she wove
but the creature balked as forward she strove
shooting forth lighting bolts of fire
she could not begin to control her ire.
The creature was now trying to back away.
He knew that she in this state could slay
his own wretched eons old life
his never-ending quest for strife.
Adonell was so focused on vanquishing what had hurt Lan
all she could see was the beast hurting her man.
She had never really thought of him as such
but suddenly to her he meant so much.
With concentration so intense her ears were bleeding
she sent a succession of fire streaks seeking
the very beating heart of the great foe
each volley she sent in intensity did grow.
Until finally she sent a blast so fierce
a wildly flaying tentacle it did pierce
and totally severe clean away
showing wherein her victory lay.
Using the exact same weave without thought or care
another at its core she sent. Boldly did she dare
to press on ever forward at the retreating mass,
surging fire flowing outward until it did finally pass
into obliteration, pieces of its existence falling into the creek
whose waters had only now started to seek
the place of their origins once again
back from where they came before her spell began.
When the foe was no more,
Adonell fell to the forest floor.
Weekend and drained with no care for the pain
she crawled to Lan requardless of the strain.
She found him prone as was she
Thank god alive was he.
Badly bruised with one arm broken,
his face was upturned and ashen.
He was conscious and did her embrace.
They held each other. Their hearts raced
Long into the dark they held on tight
no matter their age they knew this was right.
Each declared to the other that night
that for their love they would always fight.
Never to part, never to doubt, never to be alone.
Somehow into the future their love would ever go on.
The dawn found them still embracing
as did the village women who arrived to be aiding
the youngsters to find their way again home
the women did loudly on propriety begin to bemoan.
Each youngster did turn exceedingly red
but they meant what in the night they said
from each other would they not be torn
no amount of lecturing would change what was sworn.
End Chapter two.
To be cont.
(c) 6-30-10 Vix a.k.a. Rhonda Enraye


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prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

Another great poem. I liked it. Peace and blessing.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

You really have an epic going here! You doing great Poetvix! You have the knack! It is hard getting stuck with a word. There's a book (old print) called "Nothing Rhymes Wit Orange". It has words that rhyme. There's probably another as well. When I get stuck I have to consult this book. My memory is terrible. You stay with it. You're good.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Thanks very much Micky :) Have a great night and happy Hubbing!

Matt R. 6 years ago

Keep it up Poetvix I await more from you with happy impatience. I love the picture as it invokes the tale of Lan looking for food. It all has such an adventurous quality about it. Matt.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Thank you Matt... I am very happy you not only noticed but appreciated the picture :).

pan1974 profile image

pan1974 5 years ago from Columbus,Ga

one hundred thumbs up.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Pan ~ Thanks bunches for taking the time to read this. Not many people are into such. Your time and sweet words are most greatly appreciated.

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