Legends and Lore

Legends and Lore

Unexplained items go missing at times
We search fruitlessly unable to find
Weeks may pass yet still they’re amiss
Was it fairies or elves invading our midst?

Creatures believed to be fables or lore
But perhaps it’s something, something much more
Perhaps if we seek them where their said to reside
If we believe perhaps they’ll no longer hide

Do ogres and trolls in shadows still hide
Would dragons and wizards their magic confide
Are Witches and Warlocks still contriving their spells
And will Vampires and demons yet emerge from Hell

Things that scrape or go bump in the night
Sounds that give the young children fright
Things that cause us to question known facts
Mythical creatures will no longer be that

If you think you see something but it’s not really there
Or you secret wish granted but it was never shared
Perhaps these are answers to previous dreams
Or maybe just maybe it was magic you’ve seen

SA Lawrence

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

A magnificent poem and I enjoyed it so much. Thank you.

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