The Mandusa

Man or Mandusa

The Mandusa
Thomas H Czech

17 year old Martin Smyth of Maple Ridge BC was tired of being the skinny little wimp he has been known as for most of his school life. He decided that before he would go to college he would start to work out at the local gym. Even though he was vigilant in his exercise regime he was not building bulk as fast as he wanted to , so he began to take steroids, weeks went by and he still was not happy with his results so he began to double his dose, he finally saw results.
Two weeks before he was heading off to college he was invited to go camping with his friends, he went. While he was in the bush with his friends he ended up with a dozen ticks on his scalp which he did not know about for a week, while combing his hair he noticed that his head was beginning to look like he was a male version of the Famous goddess Medusa. The ticks had been feeding on his steroid filled blood which enabled them to grow long and fat, they looked like small snakes.
It took the doctors at the Vancouver General Hospital four days to clear his head.

┬ęThomas h Czech, 2010

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leni sands profile image

leni sands 6 years ago from UK

Crikey, I'm glad I was never compelled to take steroids. Wonder which lab the ticks are in now?

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