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The Mantra

With great anticipation and expectation, I joined a 30-Day Journaling Challenge called “Write Here, Write Now,” which started today on Saturday, September 1, 2012. So why is it that I am procrastinating? In a few more hours, it will be day #2 of the challenge. Okay, it is now 9:30 pm, time to get it done and honor my commitment. I have chosen the writing prompt- “Reflect on what the Mantra means to you” for my first journal entry.

Journal Challenge Mantra: “The words that I think and speak are powerful. I use them to dig deep, forge ahead and construct my world.”

I feel a shift in my consciousness as I read the mantra and am reminded of why I write and strive to inspire others. Setting aside all distractions, I forge ahead.

The Reflection

The words I think and speak ARE powerful! I know and believe that I am what I think and the power of life and death are in my tongue. The words I think on the inside take form on the outside, so it is important for me to filter every thought and only entertain those that are positive and life affirming to what I want to experience. When my thinking starts stinking and my mood shifts downward, I begin to worship and praise God through song and dance. I read also, but nothing shifts me as instantly and consistently as music and movement. The words I speak can build up or destroy me and others. My choice to encourage others gives me great joy, and I am grateful I learned how to encourage myself years ago.

I am a channel of God’s love on the planet. I use the powerful words I think and speak to lift Him up and convey His message. It starts with me, so I dig deep in reflection and ask God to take charge, clean me up, fill me with more of His Spirit, grant me wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and guide my steps. I listen for instruction to forge ahead and in the power and authority given me by God, I think and speak words of power, decreeing and declaring the construction of my world and the desires of my heart. Thank you, God!

NOTE: Day 1 complete.

Be Blessed,
Jo Anne Meekins

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Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 4 years ago from southern USA

Great job! Wow, that is a challenge for sure, especially when Day 1 is coming to an end. You can do it. Out of the mouth, the heart speaks. One can tell a lot about a person from the words that are coming out of his mouth. In His Love, Faith Reaper

Inspired 4 U profile image

Inspired 4 U 4 years ago from Queens, NY Author

Thanks Faith Reaper! Now day 2 is almost over and I am striving to get it done. :-) Yes, I can and will do this thing to the glory of God. It is all in divine timing and I am expecting magnificent results. Be blessed.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

Thank you so much for this great read and I am over to read the second chapter now!!

Enjoy your day.


Inspired 4 U profile image

Inspired 4 U 4 years ago from Queens, NY Author

Your so welcome Eddy! Glad you enjoyed it. Have a blessed day!

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