The Mathmatics Of Hope.


The Mathmatics of Hope.


For every

bad person,
there are

twenty good ones,
feeding the hungry,
teaching the uneducated,
running into burning buildings
to save lives.

Dying in a

useless war
to establish a

fragile democracy
that will fail in the end,

yet still they fight.

Millions of caring

loving parents
raising God

fearing children,
missionaries reaching

out in Sudan,
with little help from

the indifferent world.

Poets crying

out in voices
of angst and hope,
scientists working

on genetics to cure,

struggling to

save the planet.

God will give us

a perfect world,
when we are free

of this one,
and there will be

no bad people in heaven.

Our goal now

is to make our

surrounding areas
as peaceful and loving

as we can,
like pieces of a puzzle
it can create

a lovely picture,
in unlimited areas.

Sadly evil has stolen,
so many of the pieces
that leave this

world incomplete.

that is the

legacy of man,

and those who

seek evil will find it

in the end,

in the  bubbling

lava and scalding pits

of a demon's

paradise forever.






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Paul Mackan 6 years ago from Ottawa, ON

Nicely done, even though you end on an incomplete note (I think). Yes, those who seek evil will find it, but so will those who seek good find good.

How you achieve that balance in your poem with out being preachy, well, as the King said to Anna in Siam, "Is a puzzlement".

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Very well done again Maestro. gee- I've gotta go. Will read more of these beautiful poems later. Thanks

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Man I was so set on reading your newest posts and saw the time. I had an emergency bike ride I had to get to.

True civil servants are amazing. Fire-fighters and EMTs have so much training. They live their jobs and often spend their own gas to get "there". Thanks MFB

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