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This song is called THe Maze. It works y'all!

I met the author of this book, James Dashner, at a book signing. He was there signing books next to the author I had really come to meet. I gave him that "Oh you're an author how cool but who the heck are ya?" kinda look. I spoke to him to be polite. My friends even bought a few of his books. Did I? No. I'm sure he was looking at me the whole time thinking, "What a shuck faced shank." What is a shuck face you ask? What's a shank? Well... read the book. Now I'm kicking myself for not buying a signed copy when I had the chance. This book is now a NY Times Best Seller. Sometimes my brain is like a big piece of klunk.

Imagine waking up in a dark room with only the knowledge of your first name. Faces and memories are muted and blurred. This is how The Maze Runner begins. Thomas wakes up in an empty metal room only knowing his first name. He soon enters a strange world called the Glade. Or has he been there before? The Glade is a place where about 60 teenage boys live. They all share the same problem, no knowledge of the life before they came there except their first name. The boys are surrounded by four insurmountable walls with four entrances into The Maze. All they know is they have to get through this stone labyrinth that changes every night when the walls close off and everyone sleeps. Hopefully then they'll find answers. Who are they? Where do they come from? Do they have parents? Friends? Meanwhile they have to keep themselves alive by farming, raising animals, not killing each other, oh..... and not getting killed by the monstrous death slugs, called grievers, that roam the maze at night.

This is a great futuristic novel that keeps you guessing all the way through it. The characters are well written with distinct personalities. When I got to the last page and read the epilogue I still didn't know if I loved it like Twilight or The Hunger Games, because I still wasn't sure what the heck was going on. I have finally come to the conclusion that I just don't know what to think. I think I do like it for sure. I do know I have to read the sequel! The next book will be called The Scorch Trials. Its release date is October 12th 2010. That's next week! If you enjoyed The Hunger Games, you'll like this series or at least want to read the next one to figure out if you like it or not! :) The plot is very unique. Throughout the book I was trying to figure out the Maze, and the end just brought on more questions. An awesome thing about the book is I can easily see it being made into a movie. In fact, I've already started to cast the boys and characters in my head. Don't be surprised if you see a cast list for this book soon!

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resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina

Sounds excellent. I'll check it out. I enjoyed the hub.

Vee 6 years ago

I loved this book. If he doesn't mess up on the third one I'll probably like this series more than The Hunger Games.

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

resspenser - You should read it. It's wild! Very cool story line.

Vee - It definitely has that potential. I read his blog and apparently the next book is getting really good reviews! I also read that they have some people "scouting" out the book to see if they might be interested in backing it for a movie.

gachapoz profile image

gachapoz 6 years ago

I bought this book but i haven't started reading it yet! :)

Good review, i look forward to reading it soon.

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

Really? Please come back and let me know what you think!:D

Sarah Masson profile image

Sarah Masson 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

Might have to read this one, sounds very interesting, thanks

girl from finland 6 years ago

I really wanna read that book! If it doesn't appear in finnish i will read it in english. Annoying how all the good books come to finland months later. you probably have read the host by Stephenie Meyer, I think it's even better than twilight. It's that good!

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

Oh wow! You don't have it there yet!? That's too bad! The Host is an awesome book. I finally got my own copy for Christmas. I usually borrow my friends books and then buy the ones I really want and will read again. This one is really cool! I hope you can get it soon! :)

Alex 6 years ago

Right now i just finished reading the Scorch Trials, it was so cool. I am glad I stumbled upom the Maze Runner in an airport bookstore last year, I liked this one better than the Hunger Games

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

Really?! Better than The Hunger Games? We shall see what happens in the third one. I was disappointed with Mockingjay. I hope I'm not with Death Cure!!!

jesyka 6 years ago

oh my gosh it was such a good book

im so hoping they make a movie

Alex 6 years ago

Yeah, I was also a bit disappointed with Mockingjay, I mean it was fun to read and really exciting, but the end... well i don't want to spoil anything. Lets just hope the Death Cure is a better conclusion to its series than Mockingjay

HG_Hottie17 6 years ago

I love your casting list I finished Maze Runner and Scorch Trials a few days ago. I just don't think Kaya would be good for Teresa. In my mind I pictured Alexandra Daddario as Teresa! Yes, the movie would be going more towards Percy Jackson, but I still think she'd be good!

P.S. I read The Maze Runner because you recommended them! You were right they were great!

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas Author

HG_Hottie17- Thanks! I'm glad you liked them! I was actually going to put her as my alternative for Kaya. I was watching Percy Jackson the other day and I thought (even though she really doesn't match Anna Beth) she could be a really good Teresa. :D

jesyka 5 years ago

how on earth were you disappionted with mockingjay?

it make me cry so much i lived it.

its a dead tie with scorch trials

thats how good it was!!!!

jesyka 5 years ago

opps i meant loved it

it would be impossible

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

jesyka- It was ALL the deaths. I thought it was a little over the top. I don't want to give to much away, but I wanted to be a little bit happier at the end. The people were free from Prez. Snow's tyranny. There had to be some joy there, but she really didn't show it.

jacob 5 years ago

maze runner and scorch trials- best books ever. i mean yeah. better than the hunger games series. which is good, but over rated

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

I like 'em both. If the last book ends well it will probably over take Hunger Games though.

elizabeth 5 years ago

thanks for the review! It sounds great, I'll have to check it out :)

But if I read it, the Hunger Games will always be first on my list.

sfrentz06 profile image

sfrentz06 5 years ago from Sterling Heights, MI, USA

I'll have to read this, sounds very exciting.

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

These books are great! Come back and tell me how you like them!

Courtney 5 years ago

I loved the Hunger Games. I saw the first one at Walmart one day and decided to read it. Then I quickly bought the last two together. Catching Fire was actually my favorite. I read it in like two days! Mockingjay was good but I took longer on it because it was sad... The Maze Runner is awesome! It depends on Death Cure whether or not I love the Maze Runner more than the Hunger Games, though.

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

Wow! IDK which I love more. Waiting for The Death Cure to make my final decision. I agree about Mockingjay. I think The Hunger Games (the first book) is my fav of that series.

jessica  5 years ago

my favorirte book in the series is catching fire. does anyone know when Death Cure is coming out?

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

This fall. I'm thinking September? I'll have to check.

Sydnei 5 years ago

Looks cool, but there is nothing like The Hunger Games.

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author

Oh believe me, this is nothing like what you've read. I can't compare them because they are very different. Check it out!

qwert 5 years ago

it's coming out in october like the others

MissE profile image

MissE 5 years ago from Texas Author


Brittany 5 years ago

Oh my gosh!! I just finished the last book and James Dashner is now my new favorite author!! The series was AMAZING I'm trying to get my friend to finish it right now and I STRONGLY suggest it to anyone who liked The Hunger Games!! =D

Dianne 5 years ago

Last book ( Death Cure ) was in a sense like The Mockingjay 'cause of the sadness and the ufufilling conclusion. Accept it Has easier thing to grasp i mean the mockingjay was confusing and in death cure there were two deaths I absoulutly HATED! My favorite Glader and . . . Another one which i didnt like. But overall it was good it has a nice plotline considering it was the last book because they can't explain everything right?

anyways, The name FRYPAN rules (not my favourite glader) peace out!

lulu 4 years ago

Omg i read the whole series, the whole three books, it was so awesome! Im so excited for the movie to come out! I'll prob. be one of the people standing in line in the movie theather at 12 AM! :D I can't wait! The Maze Runner, Scorch Trials, and Death Cure were all awesome! Loved how he wrapped it up! CANT WAIT UNTIL THE MOVIE!

MissE profile image

MissE 4 years ago from Texas Author

Glad ya liked the series. I really hope they pull through on the movies for us!!!

Breana 4 years ago

Is this even the real trailer??? And when is the movie coming out in now 2013 but still???

MissE profile image

MissE 4 years ago from Texas Author

This is the book trailer. I don't think they have an official release date yet.

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