The Measure of a Woman repost

The Measure of a Woman

 How does one measure a gift from god,

or count the grains of sand.

who hasn’t stood in quiet awe,

of mountains as they stand.

This will not be simple,

or easy to provide.

but a woman must be measured

by the person deep inside.

The measure of a man is based,

on the actions that he takes.

like providing for his family,

and learning from past mistakes.

for a woman you must go deeper

than what can be seen by eye.

In the quiet, and always giving heart

is where the measure lie.

A heart that's all forgiving

in wrong choices that we make.

a heart that feels our pain

from wrong courses that we take.

A heart that's always there

whenever our needs arise.

although we are to self-consumed

to even realize.

A heart so full of compassion,

and a love that is so still

and soothes us like a child

when we're only slightly ill.

If you want to measure a woman

your chances are very slim

the measure of a man should be

the woman who takes care of him.

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kathryn1000 5 years ago from London

Very nice poem

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