The Mechanic Sleeps


His lady watches him as he rests.

Her eyes travel up and down his tired body,

Pondering every detail of his stature.

His soft belly is only offset

By his taught arms and shoulders.

She lightly traces his skin

With the gentle touch of her finger

Over every swollen joint,

Over every scarred knuckle.

Her fingers lightly flick through his hair.

She can remember a time when

The color of his youth was strong and vibrant.

Holding his huge hand in hers

She can feel the strength brought on by years of toil

And the weakness caused by the same.

His battered skin shows the reminders of

Every job, every slip and every misjudgment.

She lies next to him, holding him gently but firmly.

Her feet intertwine with his,

Her knees rub against his,

And she can feel the heat as it rises

From each one of his joints.

He stirs in his slumber

Pulling her closer to him.

Her warmth is a welcomed comfort

To his tired, aching body,

And together they will prepare him

For yet another day.

(C)2002/2013 By Del Banks

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avorodisa profile image

avorodisa 3 years ago from Russia

Very touching, really. And so true. This poem stirred me inside. Voted up and beautiful!

badegg profile image

badegg 3 years ago from Southern Appalachians Author

Thank you! It was originally and simply titled "The Mechanic", but that title had been taken. I appreciate the kind votes.

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