The Mercenary

The pastor spoke to the mercenary
“Only you can help us”
The hollow eyes said, “I am a killer”
The pastor swallowed hard
He knew he was making a deal
With an unrepentant sinner

The pastor said, “We are missionaries
But our faith cannot stop bullets
It seems God is giving us a test”
The killer wondered about the covenant
The one between God and Abraham
Why was he not blessed?

The people of God spread the word
It is their commandment
It is in their heart
They walk to the ends of the earth
And to the ends of humanity
It is where evil starts

The pastor spoke again
“We have found hell on earth
We have no answers except for you”
The soldier lit a cigarette
“I am not the answer for life
I only pay what is due”

Can you turn the other cheek
When to do so
Brings only death?
Can you forgive someone
Who has killed your spirit
And your loves breath?

The pastor knew the deal
“Will you help us?
Will you help a Christian, soldier?
He thought about Jesus
“The say blessed are the peacemakers
But I’m the grim reaper”

You have to believe in evil
To kill another man
You have to believe in redemption
To see God’s plan
Where the word does not exist
A believer will plant a garden
And in God’s eyes
Even a soldier can be pardoned

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Patty Kenyon profile image

Patty Kenyon 4 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

Beautifully Written!!!!

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 4 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Thank you Patty!

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