The Mighty Boosh DVD Set

The Mighty Boosh DVD Set

The Mighty Boosh DVD Set has all episodes from all three seasons, for me this has been an amazing journey through some of the most original comedy ever created. There is almost a boosh style that fuses music, pop culture and comedy to make the Mighty Boosh unique.

The two conspirators that created The Boosh are Noel Fielding (who plays Vince Noir), Julian Barratt (Howard Moon the jazz disciple) and they are supported by Michael Fieling (Naboo the Enigma), Rich Fulcher (who plays Bob Fossil amongst others) and Dave Brown (who plays Bollo the Gorilla).

The whole series has a stylised look and feel that makes it unique and is hard to describe but I will give ity a go. Firstly the use of the Pollo shape all throughout the series (white circle sweet with a hole in the middle), the costumes are not meant to be the best and most realistic but are more so meant to be arty and home made, all throughout the series (and this is typically British in its comedy) is the use of catch phrases and consistent character building - and it all works wonderfully well for me.

For me the highlights of the series were, Bob Fossil dancing, Howard Moon's geekish devotion to jazz, Vince Noir's narcissism and innocent self obsession and above all the original music they created and how it was woven into the comedy.

They have made their own way into modern day pop culture and I look forward to what they will produce in the future but for now I am going to learn how to crimp and watch the whole three seasons again on DVD.

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