The Mind And The Heart (A Poem by A.J. Reschka)

I was always fascinated by the idea of your intellectual mind fighting with your intuition. Sometimes, it's hard to tell the difference. That idea was what insp

A question on the outside

A decision on the in.

Which part of yourself

Will eventually win?

They both work together,

But stay separate as well.

The difference between them

Is very easy to tell.

One side is north,

Embracing logic and truth.

The area is organized

And the path is smooth.

It looks before it leaps

It always plans ahead,

Works for hours on end

Until it's time for bed.

Intelligence is the pro,

While no emotion is the con.

It could never let go

And simply have fun.

The other side is south,

Filled with strong emotion.

The area is more complex,

Surrounded with commotion.

It always takes a chance

It doesn't think it feels.

Unpredictable with the future

When it comes to certain deals.

With no plan, it's dangerous

When letting it all go.

Ignorance isn't bliss

You always have to know.

Both have different views

On how to approach the problem.

One thing they have in common,

They both want to solve them.

So which side to choose

For the solution to start?

It is difficult to pick

Between the mind and the heart.

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