Vampires in America

Vampires have had to learn to adapt to the 21st century. They are no longer sleeping in caskets, rampaging through towns in the middle of the night, and feasting on everyone they set eyes on. Due to the culture that has been built throughout the centuries the modern vampire has access to many resources, including an unlimited education.

Their numbers are smaller than they've ever been due to strict population controls but they are as strong as ever. Some of their mythical traits remain intact while others have dissipated over the years.


When a vampire drinks blood from a human they are draining the life essence, releasing all ties the soul has to the physical body. It is necessary for a vampire to drink blood to keep their body sustained. Theoretically a vampire can die if they don’t drink any blood but the thirst is very difficult to resist and it takes a very long time for the blood in their system to completely disappear. They can go without drinking blood for months at a time without any ill effect. The bloodlust is an addiction so many don’t go that long. The level of blood consumption in a vampire dictates how quickly they can heal from injuries. It is easier to kill a vampire that hasn’t fed for a long time.

If a vampire consumes most of a human’s blood and then stops, the few remaining soul ties will solidify and cause the soul to become permanently attached to the physical body. The soul and body become trapped between life and death. The victim becomes a vampire. Sometimes this transformation is done by choice, but most times it is accidental.


Population Control

Vampires who step out of line, or are too careless are killed. They are a liability. This keeps the vampire population under control. Staking and decapitation were historically the most common destruction method but fire has become the new favorite because it is much simpler and easier to explain as an accident. Many vampires are killed accidentally as well as intentionally by other vampires.

Accidental Vampires

The creation of accidental vampires is frowned upon in the vampire community because new vampires have the tendency to get themselves into trouble. Resources have been set up along with educational classes to teach new vampires how to adjust to their new life. Vampire society is a secret and as a rule those who find out about it are turned. This keeps vampires from telling their human friends. Many don’t want to subject their friends to the lifestyle of addiction and death.


Traits and Appearance

Vampires look just like normal people except their skin is a bit paler and cool to the touch. They like to keep to themselves and are often considered loners. Many choose to go back to school using the resources provided to them. This allows them to get an education and create a new life for themselves. They are often considered attractive because they are mysterious and graceful.

Sleep is optional for vampires. They do not grow tired so sleep is often used as a way to pass the time. Many vampires have nightmares and choose not to sleep. The nightmares often involve when they were killed, as well as others they have killed, or someone coming to kill them now that they are a vampire. Vampires are predisposed to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and often fall into feeding routines that control their lives. Other routines become prominent as well. This often leads to paranoia and other mental problems. Many vampires are able to lead perfectly normal lives despite their condition.

Light Tolerance

A vampire’s light tolerance varies. It is unknown why some are better able to tolerate sunlight than others. Most modern vampires have no problem in sunlight, though many are self conscious of their pale skin which is more apparent in sunlight. Many vampires choose to cover their skin, or live in cooler climates so their covered skin is socially acceptable. Those with a lower tolerance may choose to work at night to avoid the sunlight. Some have such a low tolerance that they cannot even go out in moonlight

Heightened Senses

A vampire has the benefit of heightened senses making glasses and hearing aids unnecessary. Unfortunately for them the sense of smell and taste are also heightened. This causes a problem when vampires decide to eat, although it is only necessary to keep up the appearance of being human. Many choose to snack on bland foods so they don’t have to eat meals with others. Herbs (especially garlic) and flowers with a strong smell are very difficult for vampires to tolerate. Vampires don’t need to breathe but holding their breath for too long becomes uncomfortable because it is the body’s natural instinct to breathe.

Exercise is unnecessary for vampires. Their muscles do not grow tired and have a much higher tolerance for exertion, giving the impression of speed or strength.


Religious Symbols

Many vampires are uncomfortable around religious symbols (crucifix, holy water, rosary). It is a reminder of what they cannot have. Some modern vampires choose to wear religious symbols as a joke, others wear it in hopes that God will have mercy on them when it is time for them to be destroyed. Their soul will just disappear when they are killed.

They are also uncomfortable on holy ground for this same reason. It is also possible for church clergy to recognize them for what they really are, an unholy being. It is an unspoken vampire rule that churches are off limits.

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Emer420 4 years ago

AWESOME hub. I love vampire literature and film. This touches base on all the classic vampire lure. Well written and informational. :)

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Nicksandfire 4 years ago

Great insight...enjoyed the read

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Susan Renne 2 years ago from Casper, Wyoming

Great hub...

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