The Morning Glory

Tiny blossom full of dew.

Calm and fresh and very blue.

Standing tall in the beginning of the day.

Baithing in sunlight in the beautiful month of May.

Tiny creatures far and near has gazed at its beauty for many a year.

A light, clean scent that will restore your soul.

Some may even compare its loveliness to gold.

Light blue petals reaching towards the sky.

Waiting to drink up the water that falls from way up high.

On a cloudy day the Morning Glory may keep its petals open until night.

And, thus, is a glorious sight!

Some cultures use this flower as a remedy;

Some consider its beauty "love and vain"

To me, it symbolizes pureness and innocence.

The most gentle of creations that a person must take in when given the chance.

For you could easily miss its beauty if you do not give it so much as a glance.

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