The Music of Life

A tune unheard

By all, but Thee

A sound of the life

Thou created in me

Some days are so sweet

As if heaven on earth

No complaint to be found

In a heart full of mirth

With the peal of bells

Loudly echoing strong

Notes vibrantly playing

A most beautiful song

Yet then comes the darkness

When conflicts arise

Hope growing ever more dim

Beneath threatening skies

The peal of bells are now tempered

Subdued in their length

Lost are notes in a song

Which no longer bears strength

But should not it be

A wonderment one should bear

Thou blesses us with a life

For which Thou always dost care

Then to us should it matter

Whatever sound it may be

As long as what's heard in the heavens

Is still music to Thee...

Lisa Patricoff 2009

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Tracy711 profile image

Tracy711 4 years ago

this is a beautiful poem I truly enjoyed it. I would love to read more of your work. God bless you :o)

Elisa659 profile image

Elisa659 5 years ago from Inverness, FL Author

Thank you for sharing feedback and becoming a follower. I appreciate it!

thegoodnewzz profile image

thegoodnewzz 5 years ago

I really liked this poem! Excellent job! I was concerned that about 2/3 the way down it would end prematurely but you finished it off well. Voted up and I will follow you too! I hope you have more good stuff to read? Thanks again for posting.

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