The Falconer and the Horseman.

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credit to Google images

Chapter one ......

Looking out from the horse corrals I could see the dawn coming ,the night was passing , the first hint of dawn arrives almost completely unwatched, unnoticed by so many of us . Only those who are there each and every day at this time seem to know when it's about to begin . I do love it though when morning at the Willoughby gap begins , slowly at first , one small sound at a time . Usually from the woods ......the first chirps from the chick-a -dee's and then either the same bird or another follows, almost imperceptibly at first . And then one more and then another , until finally even the blue jays , the late sleepers , join in the raucous .

And yet , there are times when the horses are the only animal making any sounds at all. They hear me walking towards the barn and then the little gelding will kick at the walls of his stall once or twice to let me know that he needs to be dealt with first . A nicker here or there by some of the mares says to me that they understand . "Take care of him first but , don't be long , we need ours too ". ...........And later by the time I have mucked the stalls , spread the bales and turned them out , the morning comes fully alive with sound .

That's about the time that she comes riding in , why she likes to ride at night though used to baffle me a little , now though ...........And she is a strange one this woman , one half Native Abanaki indian , one half Scottish highlander . Or so the rumors having said . It matters not though you see , she's my employer . ......I can't hardly believe that I actually get paid to do this . Taking care of the fields , the farm , fixing fences and doing anything at all that resembles maintanance around her farm . None of this seems like work to me though .

As she approaches the fence I look up to her , her long dark riding coat , an oiled cloak really . She has her long auburn hair pulled back in french braids , She pulls back her coat in the morning light as if suddenly she is too warm but the amazing part is that she rides with her right arm extended out and on that gloved hand is the biggest falcon I've ever seen . tethered to her wrist with a thick piece of rawhide and masked to keep the bird calm , she rides smoothly , calmly.......her buck-skinned Appaloosa with a coat of dappling over his hind quarters steps into the corral as carefully as if he knew well the precious cargo on board . As she notices me standing against the fence her face changes from one of content to an uneasy look........

"Good morning Willa , it's a beautiful morning . " I say as she slides down off her horse .
She turns to me and speaks in her usual monotone ......
"Good morning Adian , yes , it should be a nice day ." And that's it ,...... as she begins to unsaddle the horse and brush him down , I go on about morning my routine .
I have often wondered what it is about this woman , exquisitely beautiful , interesting yet introverted beyond my understanding .
Willa , has one blue eye and one green eye , it's almost as if I'm looking at two seperate people , still a bit discomforting for a simple guy like me . Yet , she's so beautiful.......
As she turns to her horse and speaks softly to him in a Celtic dialect that I don't understand, and then she turns back to me and says;

" Adian , if you like , please come up to the house and I'll fix you something to eat for breakfast.........." though I hardly register the words from looking into those eye's .
And yet , in those eye's lie secrets untold , who is this woman and why is there no man in her life , I wonder often what lies in her past , What personal war has caused such a casualty in beauty , it's as if she is without emotion , any at all . A small nessesary smile flickers across her face as she pulls her long braid back over one sholder .

And then she begins to hum a sweet melody to her horse as she brushes and I think this is a first . I have been around here for a long time and only now does she open up even a small part of her personal life to me ........I look at the falcon sitting tethered to the perch above her stall and wonder what this is about ................whats going on now ? Perhaps she'll tell me if I've done something she dosen't approve of , or maybe its just business as usual something about the haying or the horses .

After the chores and I've cleaned up a little I walk up to the log cabin and step onto the porch , thats when I look casually at the big picture window and inside I see her , her back to me , she stands at the wall by the fireplace , a fire burning away and her head tilted to one side she is pulling on her shoulder as if she were in pain , and just as she turns to face the door I see that she is crying .................Of course , I'm a man and the man in me wants to do things , as she opens the door and quickly brushes away the tears I'm thinking .........What do I do , turn and walk away or ask .............

"Willa , what is it ! Whats wrong "?.................

Helpppp..........Where do I go with this story now ?

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shiningirisheyes profile image

shiningirisheyes 4 years ago from Upstate, New York

Only you, the creator of this outstanding tale truly knows where it goes. Although this is a fascinating and interesting taste as to what my come next. I encourage you to continue the tale of Willa and Adian.

Great beginning peaking the readers interest.

BlossomSB profile image

BlossomSB 4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

Well, you've certainly made me want to know what happens next, so it will just have to go on. Even this much was a very good read and I loved the description of what was going on in his life and thoughts.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Shiing Irish , Thanks a million really !! Maybe thats it after all ! Only the writer knows!..........I love seeing you here!

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Blossom thank you . ! You are so kind !

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Voted up and interesting. Well let's see. Adian doesn't get to ask what's wrong cause she breaks down on his shoulder. Then at the kitchen table over hot coffee she tells her tale - perhaps a bad love affair which she never got over and happened to see the bum somewhere along her travels etc. And then you decide if they have a casual friendship or start on heavier feelings. Anyway you're the author here just some suggestions. Great beginning and definitely looking forward to more.

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago Author

Gypsy Hi ,Not the usual love story hmmm, maybe something eviiiillllll!........:-}

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