The Night that Never Ended

The Night that Never Ended

He lay there in the dewy dampness of the night grass. Having just awoken from a slumber, Marcus roused to the sounds of crickets and frogs croaking. The morning light was just coming up on the horizon. He felt tightness in his chest every time he inhaled. He attributed the soreness to the late football practice he had earlier that night. Soreness was very common during football season, so Marcus didn’t think anything of it.

Although the night air chilled him, Marcus squeezed his eyes shut filtering out the orange and yellow colors that began to light up the early morning sky. He tried to steal a few more moments of sleep. He rolled over onto his side, a small green bug made its ascent up his cheek. The gentle, ticklish feeling on his cheek reminded Marcus of the light, airy touch Tasha had. Her baby-soft hands would caress his cheek when they had tender moments. Marcus had been with Tasha after practice. The two of them met up on the football field.

They made out underneath the bleachers and did things that their mothers would be ashamed of. After their interlude, they sat and drank from the shiny aluminum cans Marcus found in his father’s cabinet. Their voices got a little bit louder and Tasha became very giggly.

They talked about their senior year, and how they had their whole lives ahead of them. They were having a good time together and they never wanted the night to end.

As the sun illuminated the skyline with more intensity, Marcus found it impossible to keep his eyes closed. He squinted and let a pinch of light hit the whites of his eyes. Although, his were not white, they were streaked with red jagged lines. He again felt the sore and painful feelings he had earlier. He tried to sit up but found he was having difficulty. His shirt was covered with debris and grime. Marcus had looked around trying to figure out where he was. It was a hilly, wooded area, the birds were chirping and rabbits and squirrels were scampering playfully about. Marcus stood up, and found that the pain in his left leg was far greater than when he left football practice. His heart began to beat just a little bit faster now. As he struggled, he limped around to survey the area. He began to recognize where he was; it was the half way point from the high school to Tasha’s house.

As the fear and anguish began to choke the breath out of him, Marcus noticed his black sports coupe off in the distance. An early graduation gift, it was Marcus’ pride and joy. It didn’t look the way it usually did, this time it was dirtier and the lights were still on. Marcus walked as fast as he could towards the vehicle. Things that were inside of the car and Tasha’s purse were scattered in a trail. Lip gloss, driver’s license and some of those shiny aluminum cans. Marcus knew this had the makings for a bad ending and his steps got heavier and his heart pounded harder as he forced himself over to the car. The driver’s side door was open and the engine was still on. “What did I do?” he asked himself.

The sickness spewed out of him as he knelt over in the grass. Marcus could not quite wrap his mind around what had happened. He was in denial. After his stomach settled, he sat down in the grass while his mind raced. Marcus had never felt more alone than he did at this moment. Tears flowed in a steady stream down his face and dripped a spot clean on his filthy shirt. He tried to figure out a game plan, and he couldn’t focus on one thing as his mind jumped from thought to thought. He wished Tasha could talk him through this or at least feel her warm touch but that was now an impossibility.

Marcus thought of his parent’s, his little brother and his classmates and mostly of Tasha the girl he’d dated for 3 years. Marcus first noticed Tasha in ninth grade, she had just left the art room, and she wasn’t paying attention and ran straight into Marcus. Her golden tendrils had a way of falling just over one eye, and Marcus liked that, she was a beautiful girl, so full of life. They felt a connection on that day. Although high school love usually never lasts forever, they knew theirs would. They had planned to marry after college. Their lives were planned out as much as high school kids can make those kinds of plans. Deep down, they both knew all too well how fast thing changed at this age.

As Marcus, put his hand down in the grass he found his cell phone. He knew what he had to do, he punched in the numbers, 9- 1-1 and waited to hear a voice on the other end. After a short conversation with an operator, he closed the phone and fell back in the grass. His hand brushed against something soft, it was Tasha’s favorite sweater that was next to him. Marcus grabbed the sweater and wept into it. He yelled out so loudly it caused the birds to stir.

His chest ached as he felt his heart breaking underneath his ribcage. As the tears continued to flow, Marcus could hear sirens in the distance. He realized his path had changed and this was the night that would never end.


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delmer47 profile image

delmer47 5 years ago from Nebraska

Wow, I want to know what happened....great story!

delmer47 profile image

delmer47 5 years ago from Nebraska

I mean, I can GUESS what happened :-)

cre8ivOne profile image

cre8ivOne 5 years ago from Midwest, USA Author

Thank you Delmer! I was a little overwhelmed that I thought up such a story but I wanted to share it because it has a good message about drinking and driving and life changing outcomes.

delmer47 profile image

delmer47 5 years ago from Nebraska

Well it was well written and it really kept my attention! Wonderful job fellow midwesterner!

cre8ivOne profile image

cre8ivOne 5 years ago from Midwest, USA Author

Thanks Again Delmer!

I am glad to know it captured your attention : )

Little Grandmommy profile image

Little Grandmommy 3 years ago from Small Town Tennessee

Very gripping.......and very sad. Very good writing!

cre8ivOne profile image

cre8ivOne 3 years ago from Midwest, USA Author

Thanks so much Little Grandmommy

I have teens and this idea came to me and I thought through description without actually saying what was happening it could make for an interesting story. Truly sad story but I felt the need for it to be told. I am glad you enjoyed it!

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