The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte

This is the front cover of "The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte" I have on my bookshelf.
This is the front cover of "The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte" I have on my bookshelf.

Poetry Book Review

The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte by Xenia Bakran-Sunic was published the summer of 2008 by AuthorHouse. I was one of the fortunate who received a first release of this fabulous poetry book of Xenia Bakran-Sunic. The publishing of this book proves poetry is still alive and well.

This particular genre of short verse was deliberately devised long ago to cause someone to muse over something, have deep meaning, and see a new perspective from its writer as well as entertain. Many bards in the 12th century put poetry to music, sang them to their enthralled audiences.

Poems continue to be enjoyed by others, bringing much joy to those who take the time to read them; as they were in the 19th century, when poetry was at its height. The 19th century was an era when poetry was regarded an enlightening, entertaining and inspirational form of writing. A form written expressly to share observations, cultural nuances or something unique or mystical.

Poets of yore were regarded as extra special, venerated, for they could create short lyrical insightful marvels that transport one away from the ordinary. Jane Austen (1775 - 1817) mentioned in her written works that an "accomplished woman" included the trait of someone who could write and read poetry well. In Sense and Sensibility, Miss Austen points out through her character Marianne Dashwood that reading poetry with passion is crucial. Marianne goes as far as to make Edward Ferrars re-read from a beloved poetry book in order to improve his poetry reading skill of one of her favorite poems. Miss Austen in her works points out the importance of poetry and how wonderful it truly is.

Like her poet predecessors the creative Xenia Bakran-Sunic has accomplished a true one of a kind poetry that shares her very own passionate voice. Her poetry is extra special, shares a healthful strong feminine perspective. Her work discusses much through this written art-form.

The poems in The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte are unique, inspirational, insightful, charming, delightful and the best contemporary (modern) poetry I have read. The meter, rhyme schemes, and themes of each poem are perfect. The reader can see the conscientiousness and detailed eye of the poet from each word chosen. Each poem is wonderfully different and excellently written.

All poems in The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte are in English and French. As far as I am concerned Xenia Bakran-Sunic is among the best poets. She has renewed the poetry industry by writing and having published The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte.

I have read The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte over and over; each time enjoying the poems as if it were the first time. This poetry book is a must have for any at-home library! I highly recommend this book, especially for those who share the same love toward poetry.

Enjoy this great poetry read!

5 stars for The Old Life is Dead...L'Ancienne Vie Est Morte

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