The One I Love

"The Perfect One"

She is near, this one I love, not far away, but near.

Gracefulness portrays the one I love and adore;

A million degrees of loveliness and beauty describe this one,

Who she is she questions not, she is so dear.

As a butterfly brushes a line in the sky so does my loves eyes.

As a firefly in the night sky, as a ladybug in the mist;

And I follow her, with my eyes and heart aflame,

For not once could I catch this one, except she permit;

In a moment, a trance, or a tender embrace.

Finding a way to be where she is,

Languishing moments of wanting inseparableness;

Her shadow reaching every place I am,

No one standing between, not even in a dream;

But closeness takes all doubts away,

She alone who I truly love.

Why should one doubt what is meant to be, will be;

As much as her heart says to her, then mine will she be.

Stronger love impossible I say, if anyone loves her, I do.

Not to possess, but to have the key, the lock of her heart;

Knowing of each other, thoughts and secrets,

Sharing experience, each other together, nestled inside

For this one I live, for this love I wait;

What life was meant for, her breath with mine,

Her soft gentle touch, her golden curls caressing,

Since knowing this love, all is changed,

Her heart shall I ever let dance on mine,

And who cares, unless it is she?


April 31, 2002

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Dreamsinger profile image

Dreamsinger 4 years ago from New Zealand

Simply beautiful! Can't help but wonder who inspired this, and looking forward to reading more of your hubs!

Oscarlites profile image

Oscarlites 4 years ago from Alabama Author

thanks.. perhaps it was the love inside my heart ..... for someone I knew.. hmmmm

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