The Otaku Soul

Otaku- noun;an avid collector or enthusiast, esp. one who is obsessed anime, videogames, or computer and rarely leaves home

Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? I mean, I know pretty much every cosplay stereotype there is, and this pretty much sums it up. So much for unbiased dictionaries.

I am a cosplayer; there is a special area in my heart reserved for my otaku. I tell you, this is not the meaning of otaku, but rather an opinion of those who disrespect it. Sure, we may be obsessed with anime, manga, and rpg's, but really, think about it. Would you say this about soccer or football?

"Otaku is like a club, a group-" No. Stop right there. We are a family, with mutual respect and friendship for all who venture into our home. Being one myself, I definitely don't fit this definition. I play lacrosse on a popular team. I am an artist and a fashion designer. I am a gamer but I'm not on my PS3 or DS 24/7. I am a writer. A friend. A daughter. Family. I am just a young girl who enjoys what she does and who she is.

Don't you see something wrong with that blurp on the top of the page?

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bluejay900 profile image

bluejay900 5 years ago

I, like yourself, absolutely adore manga and anime. Plus, I'm doing a cosplay thing with my BFF soon, but that doesn't mean that we're doing it all the time! Being called otaku isn't fair, I totally agree with you!

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

OMG, I am saturated wth Japanese Anime.

Oppeakra profile image

Oppeakra 3 years ago from Min, USA

I like how you write. Come see what I write, you might enjoy it as well! :D

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 3 years ago Author

Thank you! I do like what you write about. We have a lot of the same views, I should think. :)

Shekhar 22 months ago

It's Over ?This hurts because I still love my ex wife and we have chrdilen together, but we have had our share of ups and down over the last 5 years. We have made up and broken up several times due to lack of communication. Whenever I want to talk about the problems she shuts down and nothing gets resolved. Either way I still love her she confessed that she still does as well however she has been talking to the new guy online (in whom she has never ever met before) who lives in Australia when we live in West Palm Beach Florida. I know that she is my ex wife but considering that I still love her it bothers me even though he is miles and miles away. Last night I went to spend time with the babies and I wanted to talk with her to find out what really happened and how come we never really tried to fix our relationship. She is mad with me because I have left many times and I told her the reason why I have left. The reason why I have left is because she takes me for granted and when I start to call her on it she shuts down because she thinks that Im either starting a fight (when all I want to do is fix things) or that Im insecure and that I just want to Nag . When she does this I get turned off and then communication goes out the window and we act like neither of us are there and then that's when I decide to leave and break up. So as I was saying last night I tried to speak with her about this issue and she looked at me and said it's over. So im like ok, we never cheated on each other the years, I put her before me in everything, with what little I had I gave, and I was her emotional and physical support whenever she needed me but it was not enough. And now she is chatting online with this guy who lives in Australia that she has never ever ever met and she says that it's over . What can I do to get her back. We have been here before and we reconcile but now she says it's over. When all I have ever wanted to do is fix our relationship and get back to that place we once had. I have tried to move on and date but its hard for me because she still has my heart, and it hurts to hear her say that its over and that she is talking to someone she has never met. I don't even know if he is a rebound guy, because he lives in another country! Is it really over?

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