The Pace Of Things.

The Pace Of Things

Snails never get ulcers,
and heart attacks
are unheard of in Snaildom.

Strokes only occur
in deep puddles
of rain in an effort
to ford them.
Death comes to snails
very slow
except for escargot,
freeway crossings,
and zealous gardeners
poking poison pellets
Each snail proceeds
cautiously through life
marking their passage with
a trail of cast-off
slime..a purge of
all unneeded substances
unheeded and left behind
Evidence of their existence
is displayed quite plainly
on the phalts of ass
each of their concrete decisions
is left behind for all to study
long before the dew is dry
They can and do seek shelter
from life's quick and brutal madness
by retreating deep inside their shells
to lick their wounds and heal
this is considered most appropriate
amidst their peers
to withdraw into ones self
curling into a fetal circle
till the world of stress grows calm
The realms around them
are perceived from heavenly
points of view
their eyes perched high
atop antennas
overlooking lesser creatures
who go scuttling in a mad rush
to sustain their most precious queens
no time to savor
all of life's goodness
that they gather
in their hap-hazardous flights
Snails spend all their lives in slow-mo
tasting earth's fruits like fine wines
bedding in the lush green grasses
scented flowers grace their days
till that time when fate reclaims them
old and gray they slowly exit
leaving all their worldly blessings
just their shells that now lay
empty here discarded as they pass
like their lives
its spiral winds down
in a slow lazy circle
to the exit at its end
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@<...MFB III

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