The Painter's Dream- Chapter 2

I started the first request around 9 A.M. The woman said she wanted a painting with flowers and a waterfall, simple enough. I had learned the technique for flowers a long time ago and I have it mastered. Green paint oozed out of the tube I pushed and flowed onto my pallet. I imagined a scene. Pretty. But it looked a heck of a lot like Canada. My hands rustled through my brush drawer for my pallet knife, the one I used to create grassy backrounds. Instead, I pulled out that silver paintbrush. I stopped. How did that get in there? Last I saw it, the brush was sitting on my desk where I had left it last night, and nobody had been in my bedroom since.

"Oh well." I sighed and grabbed my pallet knife, starting the grass in the painting. I soon finished, covered about a third of the canvas in grass-like paint. It would have to dry, so I sat down and grabbed the letters, reading each of them. A landscape, a sunset, a beach with a few palm trees, etc. Then I saw the last one, unopened. Apparently mom had forgot to open this one for me. Tearing open the seal, I pulled out the letter. It was from Sony Computer Entertainment, requesting "anything that comes to your mind." Sweet, a popular company. They made a lot of the games i own, like my fighting games and my brother's shooting games. including the PS3 that sits in my living room. I'd have to tell mom about this one when she came home from work. Dad was gone on a buisiness trip in Colorado and my older brother was still in bed. Really, I needed my friends.So I grabbed my cell phone off my desk and scrolled through my contacts until I found Jessie. The ringer sounded a few times and she picked up.

"Hello? This is Jessie."

"Hey Jessie, it's Susie." She had been my best friend for years, and she painted, too. My BEST FRIEND EVER. Jessie was popular with everybody and got occasional requests in the mail, whereas mine came a little more often. In my opinion, she was way better than me, but her parents hadn't shown her work anywhere yet, so we sometimes did collaborative works.

"Susie! What's up?" Jessie had been at my party yesterday, too. Last I checked, she had spray paint in her hair and was stuffing her mouth full of cake. She's a lot like me.

"Wanna come over? My parents are gone and Noah is still in bed."

"Sure, what time?"

"10-ish, maybe?"

"Yah. Should I bring anything?" I thought for a moment.

"Your best paintbrush."

"Okay. See ya later."

"Bye." I hung up, strangely relieved I didn't have to be here alone with my brother. I think it might've been more than that, though. Maybe because I was still uneasy about that reappearing paintbrush. I got bored and decided to start Sony's painting. My mind went wild, thoughts swimming in my head. Such a cliche, but true nontheless. Finally, I just went downstairs and flipped the T.V on, waiting for 10:00. And I think I fell asleep.

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blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 5 years ago Author

In case anybody is wondering, the girl in the picture is Susan.

bluejay900 profile image

bluejay900 5 years ago

Awesome hub! I love your pic of Susan~ how did you make that? I like your descriptions, that's something that I've never been good at. Nice job!

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 5 years ago Author

Thanks bluejay! I used a manga creator I have for my computer, editable through a tablet.

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