The Painter's Dream- Chapter 4

Black. Lots of black. Then a single twist of orange, crawling across my field of vision in spirals, reaching to the right. Yellow spots came into view. Then I fell from the sky.

"AHHH!" I screamed, expecting to hit something hard. Instead I felt a pillow. And a bed. Sitting up, I looked around the room. It was a duplicate of my bedroom, except it was all oriental-ish. Apparently our painting had worked. But where was my brother and Jessie? I twisted to look at my door as someone knocked. "Come in!" I was hoping to see my brother, but instead I found a housemaid come in with some tea. I thought what the maid's name was from my dream.


"Yes?" I looked at her for a moment, then felt a sharp pain in my head.

"Yeaaahhhhooouuuu..." I moaned, falling back onto my bed. I saw everything, from my birth up till now in Japan, what seemed so natural to me when I was dreaming. Everyone I had met, everything I had done, all flooding back to me.

"Sakara- san? Sakura-san!" She shook me out of my flashback and into reality. I had been teleported from my home in America halfway across the world and hundreds of years into the past. Whoa.

"I-I'm fine." I sat up again, rubbing my head. Sakura. So common. Pshh.

"What will you wear today?" I thought about responding, "What do I have?", but thought otherwise.

"What am I doing today?"

"Around noon you will be meeting your father, mother, and brother for lunch with the Kinparu family, then after that you go to the Dojo for lessons, then dinner with the Kinparus and the Meccolos. The Kinparus are staying in our estate for three weeks after lunch." Okayyy then...

"I'll wear my Ming tunic." The tunic was green, with my family's insagnia on the chest. The sides were cut off, so you were meant to wear pants underneath. Akira set them out for me, then poured my tea and bowed, leaving the room. I sat and looked out the window. Japan was beautiful, so unlike it was today, with the nuclear explosion and all. I wished it could stay this way forever, like an untouched beauty. I dressed myself in the tunic, but I made a last-minute decision to ditch my boots and just go with the pants. Sitting by my window and drinking tea wsa great. While I was looking around, I found a private garden for "The Children." That meant only my brother and I were allowed in it, maybe some garden tenders.

It was beautiful inside, like a dream. I must've been in there for an hour, at least, before I spotted a coast with blue waters streching as far as the eye could see. Beautiful. The head pain came back again, and I saw invaders, samurai, then oil drills and oil spills polluting the clean water. Then a powerful earthquake that knocked me off my feet. And the tsunami that followed close behind it. I was standing next to people that had escaped the rubble, unsespecting the wave behind them. When it hit, they all disappeared, drowning in the risen ocean.

I had to get out of this garden. I sprinted to the beach, collapsing on a black rock. It was smooth, unlike how it appeared. I looked into the crystal clear waters, staring at my reflection. I looked beautiful, for once I was seeing myself as others saw me. The image changed to fire, spreading all around, then forming a head. It looked malevolent, like the water could harm me with a reflection.

"We are coming for you." The face spoke. Water can't speak. So how did this guy manage?

"Susie!" Jessie came running up to me.

"Sakura." I whispered. "What's you name?"

"Kaeda. You have to get ready now, my parents are almost ready for lunch!"

"Oh my gosh, it's almost noon?"

"Yah. Come on, i'll help you." We ran back to my room on the inside of my family's estate. I stopped her.



"I had a vision."

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bluejay900 profile image

bluejay900 5 years ago

Great one! It definitely leaves me wanting more! Amazing job!!!!

Rekha 23 months ago

How absolutely beiftauul! It's like a Visit Japan in Spring' postcard love it! How lucky for you to enjoy DC's cherry blossoms this coming weeks. Hope your arm feels better soon, Anwar.

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