The Path To The Wild Blues...Yonder

The Path To The Wild Blues......... Yonder.

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You'll need to go walking
in old, worn out shoes,
that will carry you

paying your dues.

Doors slammed in your face,
and constant bad news,
that there, "Aint no gigs here bud!"
so have some more booze.

tarnish staining what's brassy
cruel pain in your soul,
no money to spend,
and to busted to roll.

aint no woman would want ya
shacked up in a hole
where the john's down the hall,
on some government dole.

Pinching butts from the gutter,
cause you've bummed your last smoke
got a tremble in your hand
could be jitters, or stroke.

Your truly flat broke
like the tires on your heap
damn neon sign's flashing
in your window, can't sleep.

got some songs

that will touch hearts,
but no place to play
when you get to

that point then,
it's time folks will say.

he's sown hard times,

reaped sorrow,
and he's just who I'd choose
when I'm out on the town
and I'm hungry for blues.

let that saxophone wail,
bleed that old trumpet muted
My blues brother, you've earned
that horn that you've tooted.

notes bleed out like you mean it,
full of pain, misting eyes

into wild blues you'll wander,
as the crowds round you sigh.

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tnderhrt23 profile image

tnderhrt23 7 years ago

Powerful piece. With words, you paint a vivid picture, and strong emotion. I especially like the last verse. Rhythm and flow is great too!

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