The Phantom of Agony (no peace due to war)

The phantom of agony : in d memory of the past semi-civil war

Oh I remember d past
or has it gone so fast?

In the dense mild lonely night
when d star were shining bright

he frightened killed and hunted ..
and tortured souls was all he wanted

for me it was pain
or had i gone insane?

I still can feel its claws
plunged in my heart
ripping it up apart

I still sense his victims' cries
echoing infinite times like a dice

so take a trip to the shadow of death
for he wont leave in u a living breath

he will torture u over n over again
until you grow insane out of the pain

ohhh... had it passed so fast
the anguish my god so vast...

yes the phantom of agony
it no doubt does exist honey..

The phantom of agony:
leaves no soul behind
for a living person to find

Well, a couple of years ago, i think i was a tenth grader, we had lots of political problems, which ended up by closing the roads and shooting at innocent people( by some sect) for 12 days. The roads were closed, the people knew no peace, and lots were killed by these illegal weapons. It felt like a civil war, and many died, some got shot, and lots more. At a young age, young kids and teenagers such as i knew no stability so this poem is dedicated for that gloomy day, hoping it won't haunt us again.

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C. C. Riter 7 years ago

Wonderful piece too. So sad. I feel for the children and young people who are caught up in that so much. It's bad enough for the adults. Are you still there? thanks for this powerful poem

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

thanks C.C, Yes it is very sad. But this is how i really felt under seige. You can't raise your head because you are scared to get snipered :S. Lots of innocent souls were lost as well :S... Yes ! I am stuck and the situation is worse :S..Thanks for ur commments.

Lovezan ..Thanks alot

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