The Poor Among Us

“You will always have the poor among you”
It was written for what was known of history
And for the prophecy fulfilled by mankind
For riches are for the few and poverty for the many

“It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle
Than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God”
In heaven you will live on the opposite side of your earthly gate
For he knows what you worshipped and who you did defraud

In every age and in every country might made right
In every age and in every country each knew of conquest
And as those who had much desired more and more riches
The conquered knew the sword was stronger than being honest

Who would die for being poor and who would live for being rich?
The choice was made before the waters receded from the land
As the spirit of God moved across the tears of unborn children
The wheel of favor and cruelty was set in motion by his hand

In what image were the doomed constructed to suffer?
Emotion and the capacity to learn awaited man’s arrival
To walk upright meant reason filled their minds with ideas
But kindness was not natural as nature taught only survival

To kill another only meant who lived and who died
No moral judgment of right and wrong had been revealed
Man was unable to distinguish between himself and animals
Except the wild taught to use the power he would soon wield

When would it be the time of gold paved streets for those who had none?
And is heaven only filled with the things those who reason treasure?
For what we can imagine and trade for our daily bread is with us now
But the spirit is poisoned by the things only mankind would measure

Is hell only for the rich to know the poverty of their soul?
And is a poor man saved because he was unable to feed his child?
For what man who had riches would till the soil for his every meal
And what man who was humbled would suffer and then be reviled?

There is no political system that matters to a starving child
No king, no dictator, no president and no representative
For hunger cannot digest speeches and promises of equality
But the patron knows his power is in what he would give

What honest man has risen without a stomach full of discomfort?
What great man has been tested without the fire of despair?
What God would not save those who give thanks over scraps?
What God would create such a world and still not care?

Is it any wonder the erstwhile savior of mankind walked with sinners?
For he knew the rich believed in their savings and not their salvation
But a poor man who suffers the indignities of nailed hands and feet
Is the body of who awaits in paradise for those who believe in creation

“Why was this oil not sold for a year’s wages and given to the poor?”
And in this we learned that eternity is not in the measure of a man’s wealth
Though narcissism declared God’s death we still hear from beyond the grave
For there is nothing of this earth that can save a man’s soul from himself

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word55 profile image

word55 3 years ago from Chicago

Hey Suburban Poet, Thanks for bringing out various points. We should all give toward helping the poor. That is what the Bible encourages us to do. Thanks

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 3 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Thanks for commenting word55... I'm not a preacher but I like to study the Bible and try to understand what it tells us about these things. I see a lot of folks who seem to misunderstand what Jesus was saying... maybe I'm wrong but it's clear to me...

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