The Porch: A Porch Dweller's Poem


By: Phoenixx Vann Der Snatsch

There is no place more magical

Nor more beautiful than this.

The aura I get from here

Creates an atmospheric bliss.

Such diverse people.

Come together to feel

The love that radiates

From every crevice and seal.

People come from all over the city

To be part of this peaceful spot.

With them, protection they carry.

Harm will come to it, not.

People share their times of joy

And share stories come to pass.

People come to mourn together

And to share some amusing laughs.

The porch is this magical place

Of happiness and peace.

The simple thought of The Porch

Inspires love in me.

The Porch has a radiant aura

Much like a candle in the dark.

It draws in the hopeless and cold

Much like a dog to the park.

Its a safe haven for the hurt

And a shelter for the weak.

Its a home for the pathetic

And a blessing for the meek.

The Porch is a beautiful, magical place

Full of beautiful, magical people.

Such a peaceful place

And righteous like a church's steeple.

The Porch creates a peace deep inside

That one must not ignore.

The Porch is the place dwellers go

In times when they must soar.

The Porch is my home away from home;

My own safe haven.

Love pouring from without and in.

Love uncomplicated.


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