The Princess of Dixie

A Dixie Girl is a True Southern Treasure

A sweet Magnolia blossom,

a Dixie damsel fair,

with eyes that shine like diamonds

and sunlight in her hair.

Her skin is soft as peach fuzz,

a voice like buttermilk.

But do not let this fool you

she's not all lace and silk.

For when the need arises

she can be strong as stone

and if provoked sufficiently

she'd best be left alone.

No truer friend has ever lived

of that you can be sure.

For even with a devilish streak,

her heart and soul is pure.

She strives to please her mother

and her grandmother too.

For steeped in rich tradition,

they both know what to do.

She's forever owned her daddy's heart

but now she owns one more,

and can at will take some young lad

a place he's never been before.

In the end he'll thank her

for there's not doubt it's true

The southern girl's a miracle

and precious through and through.

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AngeShearer profile image

AngeShearer 2 years ago from Whangarei, Northland

A beautifully written poem just gorgeous

klw1157 profile image

klw1157 2 years ago from Macon, GA Author

AngeShearer, Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate the read.

B Lucy profile image

B Lucy 2 years ago from Podunk, Virginia

Love this . . . you certainly did hit the nail on the head!! = ) Voted up and awesome!!

klw1157 profile image

klw1157 2 years ago from Macon, GA Author

Thanks B Lucy I appreciate the read and your kind comments! Kevin

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