The Produce Department.

The Produce Department.


New words all
shiny and glitzy,
full of many

astounding colors,
sit on the back
shelves of my mind.

I pull down what's
considered by many
to be gourmet,
a feast for one's eyes.

I line them up
and they make
a smorgasbord of
tantalizing tidbits,
That I bring to you
to check out.

You scan them
on your screen,
and then tell me
what they are worth.

They simply state:

"If one were to take
all of the most

popular poems,
and feed them

into a computer,
smart enough

to decipher,
the exact lines

that made them famous,
the precise wordings,
metaphors, and artistry
that made them great,
saving the specific elements
and then correlating them
into something meaningful
beyond anything

ever written before,
then they would

have the perfect poem,
and be paid in a gold cup

or many useful royalties 
a somewhat noble prize."

Alas, I wake
from my daydream,
standing in a long line
at Krogers for a
lousy star magazine,
and some rather
dull flavored






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