The Puppetmaster - Chapter 1

~Pupils moist with deep vermilion, my skirt wavering in this same sweet color.
Upon these childish cheeks may the red drip, as my legs collapse from the throbbing.
Controlled by these sweet hallucinations, I play a tune that blooms from my five fingers.
The sound of a crimson red tea as I tease and gouge them deep into the neck.~


The young girl sits alone in a room full of dolls of all shapes and sizes. Suddenly, an unseen door opens and a man in an ebony suit walks in, the door disappearing behind him. He turns to the girl.

"Maria, have you decided?" The young girl nods in a solemn reply. "Then who will it be?" She points to a doll sitting exactly one foot in front of her. "Very well. Let us begin." And with that word, the man disappeared in to the blackness surrounding the girl.


"What the heck's going on?" A teenage girl with short brown hair and almond-shaped brown eyes screams, running up a set of stairs backwards and nearly falling over Heaven-knows-what. "Cole!" She screams again, for what seemed like the thousandth time, while dashing up another flight. She kicks one of the monsters in the head, launching it down the flight of stairs to the mob below. They screeched in delight at fresh meat. The sound made her stomach churn.

"I'm up here!" A low voice calls from above, and suddenly a bloodied creature falls from overhead, nearly landing on the girl. She races up the steps towards the voice. "Careful, watch your step." Cole states rather blandly, whacking the head off of another creature. It tumbles down the stairs towards the advancing mob, blood spurting out as it hit the ground and bounced.

"We need to get to the roof. That's where anyone else would be." She says breathlessly, sprinting down the hallway to her left on the third floor of her school building.

"Agreed!" Cole grunts, knocking the head off of another monster mob. "Looks like taking the head off of these things is the best way to stay alive!" He runs after the girl, who shoved the door to the roof open and dissapears in to the light.

"Aaaaaghh-!" Something screams from above Cole, and he bursts onto the roof, meeting an ugly scene. A crazed beast had jumped on the girl, thrashing around. A claw swipe sent a spray of blood onto Cole's face. He winced, running and kicking the beast off of the girl.

"Laurel!" He gasps, seeing the victim of the attack. He takes the head off of the attacking mob, then looks around the roof. The survivors were winning, although some were not the best fighters. So many bodies... He bends over Laurel, brushing the hair out of her bloodied face.

"Cole..." She says, her voice faint.


"Shhh." She raises her finger in the silent gesture against his protesting lips.


"What do you mean?" She looks at him, her dying eyes still shining. She was still beautiful, at least for now. For her final moments. Cole quickly shook the thought away.

"Why you?"

"You never know. Could've been you." She coughs, the sides of her mouth turning red. Cole frantically searched her body for the source of the death wound. So much blood...

"Don't touch it." She speaks, her smooth voice now a quiet whisper. She runs her hand along his face tenderly. It drops to the ground.

"Why? Why? WHY?!" He screams, pulling her breathless body close to his. He feels a hand on his shoulder, and everything turns black for a second. He looks around for the person who was near him, but saw nothing. Then light returned to the world.

And everything was gone.

The creatures, the mob's bodies. The only thing left to show that something had happened was the blood and the human bodies.

What just happened?


"So you chose to start it that way." The man speaks, earning an earnest nod from the girl. "Interesting pattern. A nice beginning, although a bit easy. But why take that girl?" He stays silent for a minute, attempting to hear her response. Instead, a burst of pain runs through his head.

"It warrants the most interesting results." A voice spoke in his head.

"Very well. Do what you see fit." As he disappears, he glances back at the girl. She holds a doll covered in red. The doll is female, with short brown hair. She wears what appears to be a school uniform. The man shakes his head and vanishes without a trace.

"What a waste of beauty."

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blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Hey everybody! Thanks for reading my newest hub, please rate it. My first attempt at a mystery/horror story, I'll do another one eventually (and hopefull it'll turn out better). The song lyrics at the top are from a song called UN Owen Was Her. It's truly chilling, as I hope this story was. Thanks again!

Phelcky profile image

Phelcky 4 years ago from Denmark

Ahh scary story! I liked it. I look forward to more stories from you in the future :)

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Thank you so much! I love it when my readers give me feedback; it helps me improve upon my writing.

LisaN 4 years ago

Awesome start! I can't wait for more!

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Thank you for the feedback! I intend to add more detail to this chapter and fix a few things over the next few days.

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Edited 6/11/12.

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 3 years ago Author

Edited 3/8/13.

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