The Puppetmaster - Chapter 2

~"Will my thoughts not reach you?"
"Who will be reflected in your eyes?"

"Is my heart broken?"
"If he comes, will I not return?"
"Are deeply cut wounds unhealable?"
"So then, what about the stabs of time?"~


The girl sits in her room full of shelves. Laughing maniacally, she raises her crimson-coated hands to her face, making streaks of red with her childish fingers. A dish of the thick liquid sits at her knees as she kneels on the floor. It is knocked over by her waving arms, and the ichorous sanguine seeps across the floor, staining a doll. The girl quickly picks her up, thrashing and screaming at the skin now tainted in a hideous rust color. The doll's mignon frame is thrown into a corner. Her own blood runs through her short cocoa hair and down her porcelain face, dripping into her almond eyes.


Cole opened his eyes, wincing at the sudden onrush of bright ambient lighting. He raised a hand to his face and sat up, glancing at the sky and the view from the three-story roof of his high school. He was bombarded by a barrage of stenches, none of them really placeable. Except one.

Laurel's perfume.

He resisted the urge to burst out in tears as the memories came flooding back to him. The pestilent creatures who were remnants of dead students were strong. And Laurel's death...

He shook the thoughts away, focusing on the gruesome images of the monsters.

They were a patchwork of things. Their skin was disfigured, and uneven so that you could see their inner organs through the outer layer. They were disgustingly thin, and whatever organs weren't already exposed, you could clearly see through their shriveled skin. Oh, and the hands. Bony, and with barely any length to them. What made them long were the claws. They continued to the floor, then curled back up near the hand it they were too lengthy. The monsters had human-ish faces, although enlarged teeth stuck out by at least six inches minimum. The feet were long and curled, and had unearthly grip. But the faces were the most terrifying, as they were replicas of whatever the creature had murdered last. So you saw your friends, teachers, even the class pet's face on the miscreation.

Cole gagged. He definitely wasn't going to forget that anytime soon.

Hearing nearing footsteps, he pulled himself to an upright position. Cole was met with the faces of his two friends, Elise and Hansen.

"Hey. Are you alright?" Elise knelt beside him, putting a delicate hand up to his forehead.

"Ugh. It that even a question?" He replied, earning a giggle from Hansen. Hansen had short, dark brown hair that he gelled up in the front. He was strong, with a muscular body. Fit for a football star at the school. He had blue-green eyes that often changed color to match his current t-shirt.

Elise had wavy bobbed blonde hair that she often accented with a red hairband that had a bow on the side. She had pretty blue eyes that sparkled, even in the darkness. She'd been one of his best friends since, well, forever.

"We took a head count and managed to establish some form of order." Hansen ran a hand through his blood-streaked hair.

"How many are left?" Cole rubbed his face with his hands.

"Eleven, not counting you, me, and Elise." Cole sighed. So many dead...


"A whole heck of a lot."

"Well then, let's get to work."


"He will never know. Is that clear?" The Boss tells his worker. The worker nods and leaves as he is dissmissed by Boss. The worker, known as Dr. Chase, was the boss of the girl.


The master of the dollhouse, keeper of experiments.

The Puppetmaster.

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iggy-kun profile image

iggy-kun 4 years ago from United States of America

Dude I love this story so far! Probably my favorite :) keep writing, you're so awesome!!

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Thank you so much! I promise I will... as soon as I find a computer :')

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