The Puppetmaster - Chapter 3

“All of you, I want it, I want it so much I'm shaking.
(Realize my feelings, why won't you see them?)
Shall I stop piercing exhaustively into your delicious pulse?
(I'm overflowing with insanity, how can I stop?)
I dirty your skin, but the one that's defiled is me.
(If I crush my feelings, what would I strive for then?)
Lovingly I stroke it, send it shivering... kill my urges!
(My love is overflowing, I can't stop it...)”


Maria, Maria, come here Maria.

“Make it stop!” The young girl says softly, raising her hands to her red ears.

Maria. Maria. Maria. MARIA.

“Make it stop!” The girl yelled into nothing.

MARIA. MARIA. MARIA. MARIA. The voice chants on and on.

“MAKE IT STOP!” She screams, crying out. Her eyes glint dangerously as she looks around wildly, seeking the source of the relentless crooning. “Stop stop stop stop stop stop stopstopstopstopstopstopstopstop…” She mutters on and on, collapsing and giving in to the madness. "Hahaha..." She tucks her knees in to her chest, wrapping her spindly arms around them and rolling back and forth. "Hahaha... Hahahahaha... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!" She laughs like an arduous zealot as she snatches up a knife. The young girl pets it earnestly, smearing the claret on the glaring blade. Her adoration for it shows clearly as she falls in to aberration.


“We need a leader, you know. Otherwise we’ll never survive.” Maria says, wiping Cole’s face with a damp cloth. “All those beasts just seemed to disappear after Laurel…” A stray tear escaped her eye. Cole smiled at her and wiped it off her face with his finger.

“Come on.” He struggled to his feet and walked to the center of the rooftop. Everybody was yelling at each other and walking around frantically. “Everybody settle down.” Cole speaks up. Nobody hears him, though, and he rubs his temples with frustration.

“LISTEN EVERYBODY!” Cole yells above the crowd. Everybody is silent. “We need to establish order! We need-“ Cole is cut off by a boy he recognized from his science class.

“What makes you above all us?” He asks, moving to the front of the crowd.

“Nothing. I’m not above anyone! I never said I was!” Cole yells at him. “Quit assuming things and just listen! None of us are going to survive if you don’t! Order needs to be established!” The boy sank back into the crowd as everyone once again fell silent. “I need some volunteers!” He called out, searching the crowd with an intense gaze. After a moment, a few kids stepped forward tentatively. One of the young girls that stepped forward opened her mouth to ask a question. Her voice is soft and sweet.

“What’s your name?” She asks softly, her eyes downcast.

“I’m Cole. Cole Vance.” He looks around, and people nodded in reply as if they knew him. Which some of them did. “I want you and you to go and collect all the food around the school you can find and bring it back up here and organize it.” He said, pointing to two students and sending them off. He organized a few other people, sending them off. Only Hansen, Maria, another girl named April and a boy named Jason were left. Cole sighed and looked at them. “Hansen, I know you like fighting, and April knows her way around guns. Jason is a genius-“ He looked at the small boy. “-no offense. All of you go and scavenge for things used to make weapons. I know it’s a safe school and all, but do your best.” He put air quotes around “safe”. They nodded and left. Cole turned to Maria. “I need someone to talk to.”

“I’m here.” She said, leading him over to the edge of the roof and sitting down. Cole sat next to her.

“We can’t stay here forever. Who knows what’ll happen. Maybe those beasts will come back. I don’t want to know.” He propped his head up with his hand. “We need to talk about where on earth we’ll move to next.” He looked at Maria. She nodded, understanding him.

“We need to go somewhere secure. Somewhere also though where we can get off of the ground floor without going outside, and not many windows. A bank, perhaps?” She asked. Cole had been zoning, though, looking at the city below him.



“Nobody’s outside.” They stand up together, looking at the popular city now vacant below them.

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iggy-kun 4 years ago from United States of America

Epic cliffhanger! :D awesome job this was a great chapter.

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blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Thank you! It means a lot to me :)

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bluejay900 4 years ago


blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

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