The Same Old Man, Alone Again; time-healed grief


Frank was a man

Who worked all his life

And spent most of it alone

His world was small

And full of strife

While he dreamed of having a home

Then one day he met this girl

Together they shared his small world

He really felt great with his new friend

He wanted to be with her till the end

Soon together they lived, side by side

With everything to give and nothing to hide

He now had everything he ever dreamed

His future was safe - or so it seemed

For then another page in his life was turned

When she died in a blaze never to return

He felt that his life had come to a halt ...

He didn't know how to let his feelings out

Frightened, Frank fled, far, far away

Never to be seen for many a day

The friends he had grieved for him

Knowing he must be feeling grim

And then one day he returned

His hands still scarred where he’d been burned

The same old man, he was alone again

But at least he’d lived, and loved, and learned

He learned about love and all the pleasures it brings

He learned about life’s pains when you loose such a thing

And he learned how time could mend a heart

And that time is life’s integral part

© Copyright 2010 Timothy Alexander Donnelly

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RevLady profile image

RevLady 6 years ago from Lantana, Florida

A lovely poem that is reflective of life. Thank you.

Timothy Donnelly profile image

Timothy Donnelly 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thank you for your interest, RevLady. Your comments are always appreciated.

I think this poem can mean quite different things to many people. However, I hope that it will elicit a greater faith into those that read it thoughtfully, so that we do not lose grip of our humanity, sight of our faith, or hope of our dreams.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Dude, you hit the right chord again. Thanks

Timothy Donnelly profile image

Timothy Donnelly 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

You're welcome M.D. Thanks for tuning in!

Sage Williams profile image

Sage Williams 6 years ago

Once again, you've written an amazing poem. This poem will reach and touch the lives of so many people from different walks of life.



Timothy Donnelly profile image

Timothy Donnelly 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thank you Sage. I had been thinking of deleting this poem in order to increase my Hub Score, because it has not generated much traffic since published.

I am glad then I have reviewed this hub and all its comments, which suggest that it does in fact carry some weight with a few that do read it. Perhaps I should change the title to tweak more peoples' curiosity?

In any case, because you have enjoyed it, please do not hesitate to direct others to it whom you might think will also benefit. I shall of course, reciprocate.

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