The Scruffy Little Dude

Submission #2 for the Monterey County Weekly 101 words or less short story contest

© By Drew A. Blanc - JKP

The scruffy little dude was beside himself. Swaying back and forth, grinning, eyes a glazing, he peered into the glass enclosed case. His only purpose, to procure one of the scrumptious pastry glazed delites. Oblivious to his surroundings and other patrons, he reached for one and immediately, without fanfare, gobbled at the sweet delectable confection. Sugary sweetness accumulated and nestled at his whiskers as the crumbles fell about. He continued his glorious chore devouring one after another. No intention of paying for the commodities, homelessness had consumed him. Immediate future plans were not his individuation. Only the task at hand.


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