The Sea, an original poem

Blue skies stretch forever

Shimmering oceans so innocent

Nothing but a summer calm

The sun above, luminescent

But wait! Darkness looms ahead

Bubbles churn and storm clouds rained

Black waters rise and rant

The sea, so restless, rules untamed

Roaring, raging, it reaches for the coast

Waves heighten, almost crashing

Boom! Day plunges into night

Sea clawing at the land in lashings

Menacing waves taunt sailors

Their appetite aflame

As water thunders into houses

The sea, so wild, rules untamed

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Sunshiney31 profile image

Sunshiney31 6 years ago

blue my favorite color

Sara555 profile image

Sara555 6 years ago Author

thanks for the comment :)

CYBERSUPE profile image


Sara555, having spent a week camping on the beach at Assateague Island your poem hit home. Just beautiful.

G L Strout profile image

G L Strout 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

I love the sea and spend all the time I can at the ocean. Thank you for a wonderful poem - makes me want to get on a sailboat and go...

qwark profile image

qwark 6 years ago


I know what you went thru building that very nice and well rhymed poem.

To rhyme is difficult. Especially to do it and keep the rythm and timing entertaining.

Ya did well...don't stop writing!

Thanks for becoming a "follower."

I've written a few.

This one is long and difficult.

Try it and tell me what ya think.

Uriel profile image

Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

Sara555, i guess i really love this poem ... sounds interesting and intriguing especially the rhymes :) Thumpz up :D I hope you enjoy writing poetry and maybe one day we can share thoughts about poetry as well :) Great poem and you really nailed it with the imagery :D ~~

As a last thought [LET IT FLOW] and always keep on writing..

Uriel a poet , and a Sara as well :P

Sara555 profile image

Sara555 6 years ago Author

Thanks for all the feedback!!! :)

the clean life profile image

the clean life 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

Great poem sara555, I have always loved the Ocean. It is so beautiful but can do some severe damage too.

Thanks for sharing with us:)

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