The Secret Rendezvous-a short romance story

An enchanting story about romance and perhaps a bit of spice.

The atmosphere, the champagne, dancing, and romance all combine into a story about love and passion. Join a woman who seeks romance in her life and finds it in unexpected ways. Her marriage has become somewhat boring. She feels that she needs something new. She has a husband that wears dirty jeans and torn t-shirts and who doesn't have a single romantic bone in his entire body. But does she dare remove her ring and enter a tavern? Will she leave with a new man?

She feared what might happen, yet her heart raced in excited anticipation

She was doing something she had never done before and she was both frightened and excited. Would she meet someone here? Someone who could give her the romance she craved? She sighed softly and removed her wedding ring from her finger. She placed it in her purse and took her first step towards the crowded room.

She walked into the room feeling naked without the wedding ring. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the change in lighting allowing her to see figures moving about in the smoke filled the room. She moved through the crowd towards the bar. There she ordered wine. As she waited, she scanned the crowd. Suddenly a man loomed before her, his grin wide, his eyes searching her body approvingly. She forced a smile upon her bright-red lips and nodded a greeting to the handsome stranger. Her wine arrived and she sipped slowly from the glass as her eyes watched the stranger.

He wore a suit and tie with diamond cuff links and tie clasp that glinted in the occasional spark of light. His hair was neatly combed and he wore a hat that partially covered his face. His smile appeared genuine, however, and she smiled back as she took another sip of wine.

"Do you come to forget your husband, or to punish him?" the man said with his soft voice.

"What?" She was startled by his bluntness. Yet he was right. "No, I come in the hopes he will follow. But I doubt it. His football game is on." She felt tears begin to slide from her eyes and she quickly wiped them away.

"I see," said the stranger.

He seemed to understand

"Dance?” he asked holding out his manicured hand to her with another grin and flashing eyes.

She looked into his deep baby-blues and felt like she was falling into a deep dark well. She placed her hand in his and felt his warmth fill her body with sinful want and desire. He expertly swirled her away pulling her close to his warm vibrant body as they moved. She felt the excitement build within her as they swayed and twirled with the music.

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Her excitement soared

His hot breath tickled her neck with prickles of excitement that ran the length of her body. His arms encircled her in a cocoon of warmth that separated her from reality. She sighed when he moved away and then lowered his lips to hers in a breath-taking kiss. He was moving fast, but she couldn't have stopped him, even if she had wanted to. He drew her to him. He was everything her husband was not.

“Shall we retire above?” he asked sensuously moving his soft lips to her neck.

Her breath caught in her throat and sent her mind reeling with fear and desire. “But,” she gasped, “but, what about my husband?” she finally blurted out.

“He will have to wait,” the handsome man said moving his lips along her neck.

“I,” she gasped once more as desire filled her and took away her every breath.

“Come,” he whispered in her ear, “I already have the Presidential Suite.”

“Yes,” she sighed not wanting to break his embrace even to move to a room.

His embrace broke only long enough to pull her tightly to his side as he moved to the elevator. When the doors closed, he grabbed her in a tight embrace and planted his lips tightly to hers.The bell announced their arrival and he broke his embrace but kept his arm tightly around her. He moved out of the elevator and pulled his room key from his jacket pocket. He slipped the key inside the lock and pushed the door open revealing soft lighting and music.

They leave the elevator and enter a romantic room

He releases her and walkes to the table where wine sits chilling in a bucket of ice.

“Shall I pour?” he askes smiling and holding up the dripping bottle.

“Yes,” she said softly as if fearing to speak too loudly and break the moment.

He pours and hands her a glass of rosy-red wine. “Matches your lips,” he says.

She sips and feels the warmth slowly fill her every fiber with the heat of alcohol and passion. He sets down his glass and gently removes hers from her lax fingers. He sets it beside his and moves her towards the bed. She gives a small protest. The man takes off his hat and then swirls her with the gentle beat of the music. A dance he and his wife had done every anniversary since the day they were married.

"Barry? Is that really you?" she is startled and surprised that she did not recognize him.

“Well Cathy?” he asks softly, nuzzling her neck as they sway, “are you happy now?”

“Yes,” she sighs

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In conclusion--the surprise ending

“Happy 25th Anniversary,” he said once more planting his lips on hers.

She was unable to voice the joy that filled her at that moment wrapped in her husband’s warm loving arms. As the embrace ends, Cathy looks into her husbands eyes.

"How?" she asks. "I didn't even recognize you?"

"I still have a few secrets up my sleeve," he grinned handing her the wine glass he had taken earlier. "My question for you is...why did you come up here with a stranger?"

Cathy giggled. "Once you mentioned the Predential suite I knew it was you!" she grinned and took another sip of her wine. Tonight would be a night to remember!

© 2011 Cheryl Simonds

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Lucky Cats profile image

Lucky Cats 5 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

Chills are running up and down my body as I read this fabulously erotic, romantic, sensual and pleasure filled surprise. UP Awesome Beautiful....

cherylone profile image

cherylone 5 years ago from Connecticut Author

Thank you, I am glad you like it.

carolinemd21 profile image

carolinemd21 5 years ago from Close to Heaven

Cheryl this is wonderful and romantic. I'm glad I found this! Voted up!

cherylone profile image

cherylone 5 years ago from Connecticut Author

carolinemd21, thank you so much for the vote. I'm glad you enjoyed this moment of passion. :)

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