The Secret - Does it really exist? (Part 2)

"The Secret" Book (Hardcover)
"The Secret" Book (Hardcover)

In the first part of this hub, I described how I came to know about ‘The Secret’. Now in this part, I have put some questions that come to my mind regarding ‘The Secret’.

“Words are even more powerful than a weapon”. I realized this saying when I came to know about “The Secret”. From very early times, there have been books that’ve brought huge changes in the human society, but I never knew that there can be a book so powerful, that it can give you whatever you want, no matter what it is!

Now there arise several confusing questions. The writer of the book, Rhonda Byrne claims that the secret was already in existence from a long time and was known by several great and famous personalities of the past. It can be considered that the secret was known by those famous people, keeping in mind their success stories. In fact it can be considered even with Miss Rhonda Byrne herself after the huge success of her book and her getting famous after it. But if the secret was really known by her, then why did her book receive such huge criticism? She could have used the secret to stop the criticism. Then where does the secret go? My explanation to this question is a simple one and does not involve the secret in it. It is – a book cannot be a good book until it is not criticized; success is only partial when you don’t receive criticism. That’s it!

Another thing that came to my mind was that, I couldn’t accept the author’s explanation about the accidents in which several people die. How can so many people be on the same frequency at the same time? Okay it may be considered as a coincidence, but does this coincidence happen everywhere around the world and that too thousands of times every year? Again, this isn’t acceptable for me. My explanation goes like this – those people who die in such accidents, could have been on the same frequency sometime in their life time. Those frequencies, being the negative ones, remain with the people and get carried by them wherever they go. When many such people of the same frequencies come together, these frequencies combine and become strong enough to create the scene of an accident.

"The Matrix" (Movie-1999) poster
"The Matrix" (Movie-1999) poster

I have seen the movie “The Matrix” several times, many times before reading the book. But it was only after reading the book I came to realize that there’s a similarity between the two. In the movie “The Matrix”, while Neo(a character of the movie) was to go into the virtual world for his training, he was told that in the virtual world, he can have whatever he wants, because it’s all the computer program. All he needs to do is to just think and he will have that thing. Also during his training when he has to jump from one building to another, he is asked to think with full force or full confidence. But when he jumps, he loses faith and thinks that he won’t be able to make it. And the result is - he falls on the ground. He’s able to make it only when he strongly believes that he can jump over the long gap. Now do you find something similar between the book and this movie? Yes, there’s something similar. Now there’s another question. “The Matrix” movie was released in 1999, while the book “The Secret” was released in 2006. So did the makers of “The Matrix” already know about the secret? Or was it just a mere coincidence?

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MarleneB profile image

MarleneB 4 years ago from Northern California, USA

Wow. You are so deep! I try not to think too much about how things come about or, like you, I would have a million questions. All I really know is that the book inspired me to think about what I wanted in life and to set goals. So far, since I have been doing that, my life has changed for the better. Now, that's not to say, I would ever jump off a bridge simply because I believed I could do it. No. I also believe in gravity.

Abhimanyu Singh92 profile image

Abhimanyu Singh92 4 years ago from Satna, Madhya Pradesh (India) Author

Thank you so very much Madam MarleneB. Honestly, I felt very glad after reading your comment. This book has changed my life too, not much though. But I believe it will help me even more in the future. And yes, I too believe in gravity. :D


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