The Secret in Black- Poem by Rebecca Wood

Have you ever felt like the news didn't tell you the real story about something. Or maybe, there is more that happens out there than they let us know. Well, I've thought about it and that is what this poem is about. This poem portrays the fear in the reporter rather than the fear for the public ear.

I saw a man in black yesterday

I had no interest until I heard what he had to say

To another man he claimed he had a job to do

What job a man had to do in black I hadn't a clue

Eavesdropping is a normal thing for me

For I am a reporter you see

This man had a cold look in his eye

This man in black scared me though I didn't know why

Until today when I saw a women in black

She had a cold look in her eye, but this was joined by a tear down her cheek

They said it was a suicide, so I believed, until my knees began to grow weak

When I saw that man in black

Scared to death, I turned around and never looked back

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