The Seven Deadly Sins. A poem and analysis.

Milton's Paradise Lost

Satan, Sin, and Death
Satan, Sin, and Death

The 7 Deadly Sins

Power is all you crave.

Respect is what you want.

Ideally everyone likes you.

Dead wrong you'll be if you continue these thoughts.

Eternal damnation spent broken on a wheel.

Easily finds someone with a doubtful heart.

Never ending pain for someone's others life.

Vexing is this Sin if not dealt with.

Yearning will be cooled in ice water in Hell.

Glowing is the thought of having supper.

Love of the satisfaction of the food in the gut.

Utter distain if not filled too the brim.

Too much causes the body too slow down.

Too much makes it for the world too see.

Opening the door to be judged by human and god alike.

Neither will forgive the overkill in eating.

Yelling as they stuff your stomach with rotting matter.

Love is not a factor in this Sin.

Unable too control the wants of the body.

Sexual deviant acts pollute the mind, body, and soul.

Terror in burning for all afterlife.

When love is banished from one's heart.

Remaining only the raging beast of anger.

All in the way will feel the horns of this animal.

Tooth and Nail will lead too the Road of Destruction.

Heaven will not beckon you for your body will torn limb from limb.

Giving is not in your nature.

Rewarding only ones self with material goods.

Eliminating sharing and having more than should

Evil is this and will not go unrewarded.

Devil himself will take pleasure in your groans from the hot oil pit.

Saving ones energy too let it go too waste.

Lost the willing for the Holy Ghost.

Only showing no will for nothing, and nothing of will...

Temple of body will find new empowerment....

Hopping around in a pit of snakes...the symbol of evil.

Analysis of the Poem

If you can not tell, each paragraph does not rhyme. I did this because it was easier to weave a story of each sin. Also, each sin is spelt out with the first letter of each sentence. This made the whole poem memorable because the wording was done to fit the first letter of the sentence.

All the sins shown here are the actual ways you would pay for committing them. For example, the sin for Greed is actually boiling in a pit of oil for all eternity. Gluttony gets you all you can eat. Committing this sin will get you to eat filth for all after life. All the punishments are written in the very last sentence of each paragraph.

I wrote this poem as a reminder. It reminds me not to commit these sins because of the horrible punishments. It is my goal to make myself happy and treat other people better. It makes me feel at ease that i was able to create this list in a poetic way.

It also was written for other readers. This is an attempt to help people in sorting out their own evils. This is not meant to terrorize but to inform. In a hope to steer people out of sinning. People struggle with their own demons. It is up to us to realize them and control them to create a better future for everyone and also our souls.

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MOmmagus 8 years ago


My sin is envy 8 years ago

I like it; paints a picture.

al 7 years ago

cooooooooooooooooooooool! good job! deep shit! and easy to understand!

maven101 profile image

maven101 7 years ago from Northern Arizona

The concept of rewards and punishment in some ethereal existence is ludicrous to me...I accept no Orthodoxy, no authority defining reward and punishment, no philosophy that chooses speculation over reality...Live your life without intentionally hurting others...simple, honest, and really uncomplicated...Larry

cookibuq profile image

cookibuq 5 years ago from Ireland / Hong Kong

Very inspirational hub....voted up and awesome !

EternalSin profile image

EternalSin 5 years ago from Chicago Author

Thank you all! I love these messages!

Juan Valdez 4 years ago

dude freakin awesome for real homie

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