The Shadow- Chapter 2


So, after the unfortunate encounter with The King of the Jerks, Kiera and I headed to the cafe. I really hate that guy. Taking advantage of the hearts of every girl on campus, including Meg-

I'm not going to talk about that.

I glance at her. She's been quiet this whole time, ever since we started walking. Her face is brooding, like a puppy who has lost his toy and is blaming his best friend. The silence is killing me.

"What does that mean?" Kiera's voice rings in my ears, a ripple in a steady pond.

"What?" I look at her quizically. Her face flashes to confusion.

"Un wenna faulta something. You've been muttering it for the past minute."

"Oh." My face turns red. "Just something that I was whispered as a child, a phrase for rememberance."

"Ah. Well, you never did tell me what you got that you, quote, 'not supposed to have'."

"This." I whipped out a Interpol Media Tool.

"Gahh!" She gasped, reaching up for the treat like a pet. "How'd you-?"

"I have my ways." I smiled at her, and she quickly returned it. She looks like a cover girl on one of those old magazines that people fawned over, her eyes sparkling and her hair falling over her shoulder in long waves. Anyway, I digress.

An Interpol Media Tool. One of the most coveted toys in the government, at least among the few that we know about. Does pretty much everything that you could think useful to an officer. Cameras, voice recorders and translators, mini computers, anything. Almost anything.

Suddenly, without warning, a knife drove through my thoughts, a white wall ommiting my sight. Gasping, I fell to the floor.

"Connor? Connor?" Keira dropped to the floor beside me. I felt cool hands on my forehead. "Are you okay?" I wanted to run. Scream. Tear my head off.


I really don't know. The pain, well, wasn't that bad physically. Mentally, it was making me go mad. Mad insane mad. I heard far-off voices, but only for a second. It felt like something- or someone- had reached into my brain and was siphoning through my memories, my knowledge (I'm really not that smart), like an angry office dude sorting his filing cabinet for the paperwork he never did. Whoa.

Starbursts of mental pain were like Macy's fireworks at Thanksgiving. That was it. Somebody was in my head. Get out. Get out. Get out. Throwing walls at my newfound opponent, I thought, who in the world could do this? Lists scrolled through my head. So that's where my science study guide went. No wonder I got in trouble for not doing it. Because I didn't. The writing on that paper in my brain isn't mine. Then, without warning, it all withdrew from my mind like cannonfire. I found myself sitting on the floor, propped against the wall.

"That's it. You're seeing a doctor." Kiera's voice was stern, the voice she used when she wouldn't take 'no' for an answer.

"I'm fine." I'm really not. What the hel-ck just happened to me? Why did it go away? Why am I smart?

Und wenn er fällt, wird die Welt auch. Und Sie zahlen den höchsten Preis.

And when it falls, the world will too.

And you will pay the ultimate price.


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