The Shadow - Chapter 3


Something has been going on recently, and I don't know what. I see people one second, and someone in a black suit drags them away the next. I'm pretty sure it's nothing, maybe I'm hallucinating from fatigue. But how am I supposed to know, when it's happening in my head? Who's gonna tell me? Maybe my life is like The Truman Show, that old movie where that guy was born and raised in a perfect world on live TV. The thought of that if scary even as an afterthought.

Connor went to bed early last night, which is expected after what he went through, getting beat up and having some sort of a migraine. When I woke up this morning, he didn't come to greet me. So right now, I'm sitting on my bed, deciding what to wear, when sirens go off. Jumping up, I grabbed my robe and my necklace, the one Shadow gave me, and I ran out into the hallway. What kind of lunatic would intrude on an academy at 2 o'clock in the morning? (Yes, I get up that early. I can rarely ever sleep soundly.) Weirdos.

I'm greeted by a welcoming committee with cookies and milk and some candy for the youngsters. They're so friendly, they even threw in a check for a hundred bucks towards a new car!

Not really.

Immediately I'm rushed at by some other students like fans at a Coldplay concert. I hear some screams I recognized down the hallway and ran towards them, the opposite way that the others were running. I'm greeted with the sight of my friend, Elysia, being cornered by a few burly men- or creatures- with some sort of gun I wasn't familiar with.

"Elysia!" I yelled, focusing my center. I raised my hand slowly, then clenched it tight, watching three creatures fall to the ground, squirming in pain. Funny, that should have killed a normal person...

"Thank you Kiera! Thank you thank you!" She ran to me and hugged me. She's really pretty. with curly dark blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Elysia had the biggest crush on Connor and was my best girl friend. Connor! Where is he?

"Elysia, have you seen Connor?" I grabbed her arms.

"No, I think he might still be in his room." I wheeled around and ran in the direction of his dorm, hearing footsteps behind me as Elysia followed suit. I blasted a man in a black suit against the wall with a wave of fire and burst into Connor's room. He was sitting up on his bed, as if just now hearing all the commotion outside.

"Connor! We have to leave and get to the meeting area, now! Elysia," I spoke frantically, "-can you seal the door with ice?" She nodded and started muttering something, then blasted a cold jet stream at the wall.

"Can't I have five more minutes?" He flopped back down onto the mattress.

"No! Quit hallucinating," I pulled him off the bed. "-and get the heck up! We're under attack by who-knows-what and we're evacuating!" Connor's eyes shot open and he grabbed his school robe, waking up in a split second. Tugging on the necklace he wears, he looked out the window.

"I think we can go out this way. It looks clear."

"We'd better leave regardless. I don't think sheets of ice will hold those foul beasts." Elysia called over the roar of her powers. "The first thing they'd have us do is board the shuttles and get off the isle." Something pounded at the door, shaking snowflakes off of the laquered oak. I took a deep breath and looked out the open window.

"Let's go." I replied, jumping out the four-story window, holding hands with Connor and Elysia.

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bluejay900 profile image

bluejay900 4 years ago

That was really awesome, I like the name Elysia. This is an awesome series! Please keep writing!!

MarcoPolo123 profile image

MarcoPolo123 4 years ago from Mason, Ohio

Great job, keep writing. Just keep writing, Just keep writing,just keep writing, writing, writing, What do we do we, WRITE, WRITE, WRITE (just so you know thats a spin on just keep swiming, from finding nemo)

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