The Shadow- Chapter 4


The black- cloaked man stepped into the room, sniffing around. He stopped for a moment as he stepped on a leather-bound notebook. Handling it with care, he turned to a recruit.

"Yes, master?" The creature replied, standing at attention, it's voice shaky with fear.

"Take this to the Trackers. Find her and bring her to me, alive." The man passed over a scarf to the soldier.

"Yes master." The creature saluted and turned, walking out the door.

"Stop." The monster froze in mid-step.

"Yes, master?"

"Do not fail me."


"Geyaih!" There's a chorus of our screams as we hear ray guns shooting at us, hoping to find some nice flesh to blow off of bone. We land rather softly, considering we jumped from almost sixty feet in the air. Some nice little, thorny rosebushes broke our fall. Crap. The gardener's never gonna let me hear the end of this. I slowly peer out of our painful cover, seeing airships surrounding our island.

"Guys? We're all surrounded. The only way to the escape ships is to go through the tunnels, and pray to God that those aren't beast-infested." I turn to face them. Connor has a long, shallow cut down his right cheek. Elysia has a polka-dotted red and beige face, and she's wincing as she attempts to raise herself into a crouching position. I imagine that Connor has it the hardest, considering the way he landed.

"As long as I get off this stupid island. And away from as many rosebushes as I possibly can." Connor moans, his voice soft as not to alarm the creatures prowling the grounds around us.

"I second that." Elysia adds, blasing a rose with ice. "Stupid things. They look nice but smell like Mother's poison." She jumps up quickly, realizing that easing herself up won't work.

"Alright. Which one is closest?" I stand, wincing as I flicked my hand, surrounding the thorns stuck in my side with energy. Then I flung them off, and almost immediately hear another moan.

"Geeze, Kiera. Take it easy." The thorns are surround Connor as he lays in his, uh, uncomfortable position. I pull them both up and help them out of the prison of thorns.

"Let's blow this thing." Er, maybe just run away from this thing. We crept along the side of the building, headed towards the main garden. It's pretty much a maze. I grab a few stones and shove them in my pocket, just in case.

"Kira, mind de-thorning me?" Connor complains, and I fling my hand in the air. The spiky plants fly away in to the grass, as nice surprise for the next person that walks in it.

"Every rose has its thorn, Connor." I tease him, stopping short as I remember something important. "Hey, don't we have underground vents that lead throughout the school? We can use those and get off easy, provided that we can find an entrance."

"That's a great idea, Kira! And we can just waltz by those mutated monstrosities that are guarding EVERY SINGLE EXIT and survive somehow, long enough to make it to another school building? What if all the others are being attacked also? What happens then? We should just turn ourselves in, then come up with another plan to get out of here." I couldn't believe the words that just came out of my best friend's mouth.

"Connor..." I begin, cut off by Eliza.

"Then who would save the others? You saw what they were doing to them! It's bloody freaking murder! So I suggest we all shut our yaps and find a way to save our future from destruction." She was fuming, and her hands subconciously iced over. I swear on my life I had never seen her this mad before, and especially not talking like she just was. She normally had some sort of accent, as most of us did, and she never used vile language, much like Connor, unless he was angry.

Eliza sighed, calming herself down. Connor looked shell-shocked, then shut his mouth and crossed his arms, turning away. Those two fight like a married couple already.

"Why don't we hide? There has to be somewhere that nobody knows about except Faculty. Think people, we're sprinting out of time."

"Sprinting? I thought the term was 'running out of time', not 'sprinting'." Connor teased me lightly.

"Well, it's faster than simply running out of time! Think! I know we can-"

"The walls!" Eliza snapped. Connor and I glanced at each other then stared at her, dumbfounded.

"The what-now?" Connor asked, still sounding a little hostile towards her. I punched him in the arm.

"The walls!" She began to explain to her more than willing students. "During my wildlife rotation, I studied with the gardner during my free time. He taught me that the walls were like some sort of travel device once you got inside. We can use those! If we can figure it out, that is." She sighed with a determined frown.

"Challenge accepted. Let's blow this popsicle stand." I speak to my audience of two, unknowing of what the future would bring.


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