The Shadow


I don't remember much about him. Just enough to know what I need to. His name was Shadow, or at least that was what I called him.

"Keep your arms steady and remember to breathe." He fixed my arms' position and I took a few deep breaths.

"Why do I have to do this, Shado-"

"Shh. Focus." I sighed and focused my power on a stone about five feet tall, bigger than myself. Suddenly, my vision went black and I saw red splotches. Tasting electric shocks in the air, I opened my eyes to see dagger-sized pieces of stone floating where the boulder once stood. Shadow patted my back and hugged me, congratulating me whilst I stood there in shock.

"I did it!" The reaction slowly hit me and I jumped into the air, sending the shards flying into a nearby shrub wall in the garden. "Uh-oh..."

"Run!" He grabbed my hand as a Gardener glanced up. Uh-oh. Mr. Tibbs! His angry face shouted at us, "Beidh mé a fhaigheann tú, tú brats pesky!", waving a spade in the air. Shadow and I ran all the way out of Campus 9 and into the courtyard. He threw his hands on his knees, panting for breath. We glanced at each other and burst out laughing, rolling on the soft grass.

"I can't believe we did that!" I gasped, struggling to breathe from the seemingly endless laughter. He looked at me, his bright blue eyes shining, leaping with jubilee.

That's my favorite memory of Shadow.

I wake up on my bed to a soft light illuminating the room. Rubbing my eyes, I looked out the blinds to see another beautiful day. How could this world go on with the sadness of my own loss? The world just keeps spinning around me, day after day, as if helping me back on my feet. Shadow disappeared seven years ago, the anniversary of the grim event three months away. I remember when I was told he disappeared, and I wince. It's not something I like to think about.

"Kiera?" There's a knock at my door. "Are you awake?" My best friend Connor steps in, smiling.

"What's the occasion?" I climb out of bed and hit the floor soundlessly, pulling on my robe.

"I found something, oh, that maybe I'm not supposed to have."

"Connor!" I hiss, but I smile, knowing what was going to happen. "So who is it this time?" I yawn, glancing at my clock.

"A member of the Senate, uh, what's-his-name, uh..." He closes his eyes, thinking hard.

"Senator Harley?" I asked, knowing that he had been a evil politician lately. Heck, what politician isn't a hungry snake searching for a victim?

"Yah!" He jumped up and crossed the room to my desk. "But first, we have to get something to eat." Connor held his stomach and scrunched his face. "I'm starving."

"Same. Let's go eat." We walked downstairs into the main dorm hallway, only to come face-to-face with The Bias group. The Bias is infamous across all of Campus Nine for being the meanest, most self-obsessed personas possible.

"Morning maggots," the prestigious leader of The Bias, Snake, looked at us like a, well, a hungry snake. "Kiera." His look made me feel all tingly inside, like a mixture of repulsiveness and maybe even some romance. He has bright yellow-green eyes, olive skin and dark brown hair. Tall, somewhat dark, handsome, and arrogant. Like the old high school quarterbacks.

"What do you want?" Connor stepped up beside me protectively. But Snake never took his eyes off of me.

"Why don't you spend time with us?" Snake's gaze wouldn't let me move as he slid his hand underneath chin and tilted my head upward. Connor stepped forward and took a swing at Snake's jaw.

"Stay away from her, you dumbkopf!" Snake winced as the blow connected with his pretty face.

"You'll pay for that!" Snake turned around and punched Connor as hard as he could in the cheek, sending him flying into a wall head-first.

"Connor!" I screamed, running towards him, but Snake grabbed my hand and pulled me back. Pulling me to his chest, he began to speak.

"Kiera... such a pretty girl you are... a shame to be wasted on someone like that." His eyes flashed to Connor. "You know you want me, Kiera. You want someone to fill that void you've been left with."

"Go to-!" I yelled, breaking free of his iron grip and running to Connor. His cheek was split. That jerk!

"Okay. I see that." Snake turned and took a few breaths, then punched the poor wall. "Run away all you like, Kiera, but I know you'll still want me in the end!" The Bias walked off, and I waited until they were out of sight to speak.

"Connor..." I turned him over, putting my hand on his cheek to stop the bleeding. "Connor!" He opened his eyes and smiled.

"That felt good." He grunted and sat up, and tears started to flow from my eyes. I leaned over and fell onto the wall, giving a giant hug to him. What a guy. We started laughing, heaven knows why.

"You're so sweet." He laughed and we hugged again. "But why?"

"I get to look after my best friend, that's all."

And that's how it all started.

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bluejay900 profile image

bluejay900 5 years ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Heck, what politician isn't a hungry snake searching for a victim?" HAHAHA I am laughing so hard right now... >.

MarcoPolo123 profile image

MarcoPolo123 5 years ago from Mason, Ohio

I like this...Keep going I can't wait till you publish the next thing

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 5 years ago Author

haha thank you both!

DizzyCheetah profile image

DizzyCheetah 4 years ago from Deep Space

Love it!

blackwolf_1337 profile image

blackwolf_1337 4 years ago Author

Thanks, sis.

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