The Sky Holds No Limit.

When I die let me fall
face first into the sky,
it is an old familiar place to me.

I see the sky in your eyes,
pale blue and clear,
or occassionally stormy with doubt.

Sometimes precipitation falls,
and I grace your face with a kiss,
and a sunny warm smile.

I hear the skies in your sighs,
your soft warm breaths

of a summer day,
as we lay passion spent,
whispering endearments unforgettable.

I hear the sad wail of a lonely wind,
when we are apart.

There would be no better place
to sail away to,
when life escapes me
in a whistle of air,
much like the breeze
through the eaves,.

But for now we have
endless skies under
which we can love.

Surely there is a meadow
where we can splay
on a warm spring day.

A beach where I can reach

out and pull you to me,

to share the salty tang

of a blissful kiss,

or a multi-colored pile
of crisp autumn leaves,
where we can cleave,
beneath the vast canopy above.

Places we can share our love,
as we gaze on the portals

of heaven above,
much like the portal we share
here on the earth below.



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