The Sweet Gentle Smile Of A Child

There is nothing more beautiful in this life

than the sweet gentle smile of a child,

the presence of innocence

the joys to be wild.

the love that they give you

in their childish ways,

from the day of their birth

to the ending of days.

The knowing they're loved and protected

to keep them safe in the world that they know,

of capturing their childhood memories

in pictures and thoughts that will grow.

The laughter in playtime encounters

and comfort in mishaps they share,

tomfoolery and tricks they play on you

for a child's life is one we all bare.

We grasp at their tantrums and behavioural ways

as a learning to understanding their ways,

and encourage them to learn from our teachings

in which we give all our love and our praise.

When they hurt we find we hurt with them

and comfort them so lovingly and mild,

there is nothing more beautiful in today's life

than the sweet gentle smile of a child.

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Seafarer Mama profile image

Seafarer Mama 5 years ago from New England

Thank you for sharing this, Peter. Very beautiful poem...and so true! :0)

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