The Smiling Frog

The Smiling Frog

Amphibian Inspiration

Recently, my children and I were brainstorming ideas for their school's annual art competition. This year's theme was, "The Magic of a Moment". My 10 year-old daughter, who I recently introduced to photography, took these photographs of a lovely little frog we found sitting on a pineapple plant right outside of our front door. She was captivated by his smile, and her pictures, in turn, inspired my Haiku...

Amphibian smile

Leafy recliner

Exposed green beauty

Amphibian grin

Anticipating a meal?

Or relaxing happily…

Delicious insect meal

Devoured and enjoyed

Froggy satiety

Leafy green cradle

Serrated protection

Amphibian wonder

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KrisL profile image

KrisL 4 years ago from S. Florida

Voted "beautiful." Your daughter is a great photographer . . . I look forward to seeing your photos too!

ChristianeLaird profile image

ChristianeLaird 4 years ago Author

Thank you so much!

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